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The ICB has extended the contract for the ‘Joy’ Social Prescribing platform for another 12 months from 1 May 2023 – 30 April 2024. This time the extended contract will include the additional functionality of the marketplace (Community Directory) application.  The Joy software includes the following 4 main features:

  • GP app
  • Case management system
  • Insights app
  • Marketplace (Community Directory)

The information included on this page will focus on the marketplace as this is a new feature which everyone can use whether you are a member of the public, a health professional, or an activity provider.

The marketplace provides a directory of services in Derbyshire to promote community and voluntary sector services.  Services and activities can be added as either signposting only or with direct referral pathways.  Here is summary of the sources information and links that you will need to add entries to the marketplace:

For those who do not have internet access:

If you cannot access the Joy marketplace or you are supporting a member of the public who cannot access the Joy Marketplace, the following organisations are available in communities to support patients to find out about activities or services:

Joy Q&A 

Following the marketplace engagement sessions, we have collated the questions and answers from the sessions, this provides a lot more information.  If you have any further questions, please email or


Last Updated: Thursday 21st September 2023 - 1:43:pm

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