Health and social care services for our population need to be based on real insight into the needs, wants, assets and aspirations of communities, with patients and citizens at the centre of decisions being made. Therefore, we need to increase patient and citizen involvement in service improvement initiatives and planning across health and care organisations.

The aim of the Patient/Citizens’ Leadership Programme is to develop a skilled, prepared, energised and motivated group of patient/citizen leaders who are focused on the current and future challenges for the NHS. In doing this, the hope is that we will both amplify the voices of patients and citizens and activate ‘community citizenship’ – thus empowering, and enabling engagement of communities to mobilise as assets to the health and care system. 

This programme will support dialogue between patients, citizens and their communities, with provider and commissioning organisations, and develop their abilities to be able to engage and influence the services in their area and/or wider.


  • Increased confidence in leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours in order to effectively engage with key health and social care decision makers
  • Stronger communication skills to enable more effective engagement with decision makers on behalf of community citizenship
  • A powerful conduit for sharing learning drawn from ‘lived’ experiences that can be used to support leadership thinking in health and care transformation.

This work is in development and more information will be available soon.