Health and social care organisations are asking people to get involved across Derby and Derbyshire in a conversation about the challenges facing the services and making best use of their budgets.

With a growing demand for services and only limited funding, the NHS and local authorities are facing increasing financial pressure on what they can spend.

Joined Up Care Derbyshire, also known as a sustainability and transformation partnership (STP), brings together local health and social care organisations from across Derby and Derbyshire with the aim of helping keep people healthy, giving people the best quality care, and running services well and making the most of available budgets.

The situation is challenging. The NHS in Derby and Derbyshire is currently facing an estimated gap of £80 million between the money received for services and the cost of providing them. The local authorities are also facing significant pressure on their budgets including social care.

The situation locally mirrors the national picture. As people in Derby and Derbyshire are living longer, they have increasingly more complex care needs, which need more support from health and social care services.

Vikki Taylor, executive lead for Joined Up Care Derbyshire, said: “We always try to work in an efficient way and ensure resources are best deployed but we have reached a difficult time for health and social care funding. It is of course wonderful to see people living longer thanks to advances in care but the amount of high quality care required for our population is costing us more money each year.

“We know we are in a position where we have to do things differently. Over the next year and in following years we need to always be clear about why we do what we do. Using services wisely, pooling our resources, and looking to be innovative wherever possible, are the ways in which we’ll need to meet the challenges ahead.

“Conversations continue with people across all our partner organisations and there will be a range of ways for local people to get involved in discussing the challenges we face from events to online debates. This will enable conversations about how organisations can work with public, patients and carers to find the best way forward.”

Dr Chris Clayton, accountable officer for the NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in Derbyshire, said: “There are many challenges facing health and social care today. Our long term vision to bring care closer to home and transform services to help more people stay well and prevent ill health in the first place, relies upon us taking action now to reduce the financial gap this year (2018-19). This means difficult decisions have to be taken.

“These events are a great opportunity to make more people aware of the challenges we face and discuss how best we can shape the future of health and care.”