Researchers from the University of Derby are seeking members of the Derbyshire Armed Forces Community to participate in a short focus group or interview around your experiences of living and working in Derbyshire and accessing local services in the area. It is hoped this research will assist local authorities, health, and social care services to make locally informed, decisions to meet the different needs of all the Armed Forces Community. 

Who Can Take Part?

If you live in Derbyshire,  are aged 18 or over and  identify as any of the following, we would love to hear your views; 
• Regular currently serving personnel from the Armed Forces,

• Volunteer and Regular Reservists

• Veterans (anyone who has served in the armed forces for at least a day, whether regular or reserve).

• Family members of regular, reservist and veterans: (includes spouses, civil partners, adult children over 18, parents, unmarried partners & other family members.

• The Bereaved (family members of service personnel and veterans who have died whether that death is connected to their service or not.  

For more information or to participate please contact the researchers for more details  Amelia Woodward ( or  Nicola Barnett ( Or call  us on  01332 594282/07929 490065