Organisational development (OD) leads behind a programme supporting delivering care and promoting health and wellbeing  in the eight Place Alliances of Joined Up Care Derbyshire are celebrating after winning a national award.

The Leading Across BoundariesOD programme delivered in the Place Alliances was recognised with an award at the annual ‘Do OD’ conference in London for the way it has evidenced the impact that OD can have in the NHS.

A video based on the awards success – produced by Do OD, a partnership of the NHS Leadership Academy and NHS Employers, is now available to view on YouTube.

The video features interviews with OD leads and a member of the multi-disciplinary frailty team in north Derbyshire who took part in the OD programme.

Linda Garnett, Workforce and OD Lead for Joined Up Care Derbyshire, says: “We’re trying to make some really significant changes to health and social care in Derbyshire. We need to break away from traditional structures and processes and help people have confidence and belief in their ability to tackle some complex problems in a different way.

“We’d run a bespoke development programme for the Wellbeing Erewash vanguard in 2016 and that brought together a whole range of people from CCGs, provider trusts, general practice and social care. By giving them protected time and space to have conversations there was a whole different dynamic to the way they worked together, so it felt obvious to offer the same thing to the eight Place Alliances.

“I think the reason that developing the Place Alliances lends itself to an OD project is that we’re asking citizens ‘what matters to you?’ rather than ‘what’s the matter with you?’

“The impact that I’ve noticed this programme have is that it’s helped to shift the locus of influence away from the existing way of doing things towards the Place Alliances. It has helped us have different conversations and approach things in a different way.”

Leading Across Boundaries has been delivered to the eight Place Alliances in four cohorts (therefore two Places per cohort).

Tracy Gilbert, Joined Up Care Derbyshire OD workstream lead, says: “We are trying to look at how we can collaborate more in Derbyshire and what that means in order to provide services for patients in Derbyshire. Working together requires more than just changing procedures and pathways so the OD element was how can we bring the STP together to work as a more collaborative unit.

“What we are looking at is to bring pathways together. When we look at frailty for instance, we want people to be doing the same pathway rather than the hospital having one pathway and the community service having another.”

Claire Gill, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Derbyshire Community Health Services, works as part of a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) in Chesterfield, supporting older, frail people.

“Working across boundaries has opened up a lot of doors and shown that actually we can make a difference and we can make improvements if we talk about it and work out the simple way to do things.

“The MDT is composed of a community GP, myself and another advanced nurse practitioner, a community matron, an occupational therapist who sits alongside the physiotherapy team and a care co-ordinator. It was always going to be via the MDT that we were going to make this frailty team work.

“I think the (OD) course has benefited me greatly. The relationship-building has been of real benefit. I don’t think the holistic team would have worked as quickly if we had not been on the OD programme. I feel that has made a big change as we have met senior managers and frontline staff who have engaged with us. We have crossed boundaries that we’ve needed to and driven this forward.”