Plans drawn up by Derbyshire’s health and care organisations have been re-visited during summer 2019, to take account of national NHS priorities outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan published in January 2019, along with other local priorities. 

The refreshed STP plan, shaped in part by the views of local people, was submitted as a draft document to NHS England on 27 September 2019. The plan demonstrates Derbyshire’s commitment to the ambitions set out in the national NHS Long Term Plan and outlines how we intend to implement these locally. Its focus is on:

  • Ensuring the citizens of Derbyshire ‘have the best start in life, stay well, age well and die well’
  • Addressing inequalities and population health management
  • Working together to make improvement in the wider determinants of health such as housing, education and air pollution management leading to improved outcomes for people in Derbyshire
  • Addressing inequalities and population health management
  • Working with people not just patients - a focus on wellbeing not just ill health.

Local people are encouraged to read the draft plan and make comment.