Derbyshire has moved quickly to extend the Covid-19 staff testing programme for key workers and these are defined as anyone who is critical to the provision of health, care and other services. In addition to NHS staff working in our hospitals, community trusts, GP practices, care homes and hospices, the programme is extended to include public service key workers across Derby and Derbyshire.

The process is being co-ordinated by Derby and Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group as part of supporting key workers back to work at the earliest opportunity. From 20 April the vast majority of testing will be done from two new sites at the Burnaston Toyota plant in Derby and the Proact football stadium in Chesterfield.

The test slots are available at both sites in the afternoons from 1pm and these are for public sector organisations including mental health and community provider trusts, staff from GP practices, care homes and hospices, local authorities including borough councils, the fire service, Highways England, the prison service and others.

One of the most important criteria is that tests must be carried out within five days of becoming symptomatic as tests delivered after five days will not be accurate. This test can also be carried out on adults and children who are symptomatic and living in the same household as the key worker. Please ensure that any referral falls within the definition of a key worker and the following eligibility criteria are important to minimise inappropriate referrals which may deprive others of a testing slot:

  • A member of staff who is self-isolating because they are displaying symptoms
  • A member of staff who is self-isolating because an adult or child household member is showing symptoms, then that adult or child (over five but under 18) is eligible to be tested
  • The test is only accurate if conducted at day five or before from the person displaying symptoms (antigen test) so referrals that cannot receive a test by five days are ineligible

To request a test slot and confirm eligibility please send an email to the dedicated mailbox at including name and contact telephone number for the person requesting a test and indicate which location they will be accessing (Chesterfield or Derby). Once the email with contact details has been received there will be a return contact to obtain further information. Members of staff or their household members who meet the criteria above and are able to be transported by car to the test centre (it is a drive through-only testing facility) will be offered a booking at the appropriate location when the next available slot is free.

Results are sent directly to the member of staff and not to their employing organisation.

Please remember the test is only viable up to five days after a patient first shows symptoms. It is of great importance that you begin the process of requesting a test without any delay, ideally from day one of showing symptoms.