The Cancer Transformation Board in Derbyshire is looking to recruit 3 ‘Patient and Public Partners’ to be part of its collaborative approach to developing and implementing new cancer care pathways.  A cancer pathway is a patient’s journey from the initial suspicion of cancer through clinical investigations, to patient diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and aftercare.

The Cancer Transformation Board has 3 workstreams which are:

·       Prevention of Cancer – The Prevention Workstream focuses on cancer prevention activities with the aim to significantly reduce the 40% of cancers caused by behavioural, lifestyle and environmental factors, such as smoking cessation and promoting physical activity.  The team works with key stakeholders across health, social care and third sector settings to raise awareness of current national initiatives and transformation plans to promote a consistent approach, with the aim to prevent as many people as possible from getting cancer across Derbyshire.

·       Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer – The Early Diagnosis and Treatment Workstream works strategically as an expert voice, providing leadership and direction to deliver the priorities from the Cancer Strategy.  The aim is to improve the choice, quality and support for people with a suspected cancer, and also those affected by cancer, by reducing inequality and clinical variation.  The team works collaboratively with key stakeholders to maintain a consistent approach to service delivery, sharing good practice and addressing areas for improvement.

·       Living With and Beyond Cancer – The Living With and Beyond Cancer Workstream collectively influences care delivery to people affected by cancer through collaborative working between health and social care and the third sector, with the aim to ensure all patients receive a personalised care package to support their journey from diagnosis to living beyond cancer.

There are vacancies for Patient and Public Partner’s on each of these workstreams.

The Cancer Transformation Board and its workstreams bring together a diverse range of stakeholders, including system leaders, healthcare commissioners, providers and key partners to collaborate to ensure the best outcomes for patients with cancer.

Your role on the workstreams and the Cancer Transformation Board will be to:

-          Provide a patient and public perspective to considerations about the development and implementation of new pathways for cancer diagnosis and care.

-          To read and critique papers and commit to attending your workstream meeting and the Cancer Transformation Board to provide a patient and public perspective.

-          Draw on views and experiences within local groups and networks that you are involved, if appropriate, to support discussions.

-          Identify your support and development needs and discuss these with your lead contact.


Key requirements of the role

-          You should have lived, related experience or knowledge of the issues being discussed around cancer care pathways.

-          To be passionate about helping to develop and shape cancer services across Derbyshire

-          To articulate patient and public views from a broad range of perspectives, sometimes beyond your personal experience.

-          To be committed to addressing health inequalities.

-          To have an understanding of and commitment to maintaining confidentiality.

-          To feel confident communicating effectively with a wide range of people, to voice opinions and contribute to the debate.

-          To be open to and respectful of other people’s points of view.

-          To be willing to undertake personal development and training where appropriate to support understanding of the meeting content and your contribution to discussions.


Who can apply? Patient and Public Partners can be patients, service users, carers, or members of the public.

Time commitment? Patient and Public Partners will be required to attend a monthly workstream meeting and, in addition, a quarterly Cancer Transformation Board meeting.  The duration of the meetings is approximately 1.5 hrs, and time will also need to be factored in to read all relevant papers circulated before the meetings.

Where do meetings take place? Meetings currently take place over Microsoft Teams.  Support will be offered to anyone who has not used this digital platform before.

Out of pocket expenses are reimbursed.

A lead contact will be provided to assist with any questions and provide support before, during and after meetings.

An induction will be provided and peer support sessions will be available.

Due to the sensitive content of some of the meeting papers, you will be required to sign a confidentially agreement.

How do I apply?

If you are interested, please send in a brief expression of interest covering the following:

-          Why you are interested in the role.

-          A bit about yourself

-          What you could bring to the role, i.e. your experience, background, skills and knowledge

-          Which workstream you would be most interested in and why?

Please send your expression of interest to Karen Lloyd Head of Engagement for Joined Up Care Derbyshire by 9 am on the 11th June.