Who gives the vaccination?

If you have your vaccination at a GP surgery, it will be given by the doctor or the practice nurse.

At Vaccination Centres, the vaccine will either be given by specially trained staff – either existing staff or those recruited specifically for the programme. There are a number of roles within the vaccination programme and these will require different levels of qualifications and experience.

Are they qualified? What is the training?

Public Health England have compiled comprehensive training including injection administration, training on vaccines in general and the specific ones that will be used, and all the mandatory training NHS have to do. Locally, vaccinators will have inductions and orientation and importantly new vaccinators will be supervised and assessed by senior clinicians to ensure both their safety and of course the safety of the people they are vaccinating – just like any other vaccinator.

Will you be pulling staff away from other urgent and emergency care?

Our planning will ensure that there is as little as possible impact on other vital services by drawing on a pool of experienced NHS professionals through the NHS Bring Back Scheme, recruiting new vaccinators from amongst a wider group of healthcare professionals and others who complete training, and using independent Occupational Health providers.

Will healthcare staff who have had the COVID vaccine continue to wear PPE?

Yes, this is really important. All of our infection prevention and control guidance will remain in place for some time yet and all healthcare staff must continue to comply with this, whether they have been vaccinated or not.  Nationally, there is also further research being undertaken about whether people will be able to asymptomatically transmit the virus once they have had the COVID vaccine. Until we know more about how the vaccination affects the spread of COVID, and until a larger number of people have been vaccinated, it will be necessary to continue with all of the current infection prevention and control measures.

Will vaccination teams have regular coronavirus testing, so they don't infect the people they are protecting?

The people giving the vaccines will be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to help prevent the spread of virus.

Some will also have already been vaccinated themselves, due to their occupation as healthcare providers.