Diabetes and Coronavirus

For information: Diabetes UK have up to date guidance for people living with diabetes during the current Coronavirus pandemic here.

Diabetes UK run a helpline here.

What to do if you're ill?

Here's some key points to consider if you become ill.

We would also recommend you follow the Trend guidance on what to do if you fall ill.

Type 1 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes

Self-learning resources: Making the most of your time at home

Diabetes UK learning zone

You can find the latest resources, guidance and information on managing your diabetes at the Diabetes UK learning zone here.

MyType1Diabetes: Type 1 diabetes support for adults
MyType1Diabetes, provided by MyWay Digital Health, includes tailored advice and information created by NHS experts in diabetes. Adults with Type 1 diabetes can use this platform to access lots of information about diabetes, including videos, leaflets and eLearning courses, to learn and understand more about their Type 1 diabetes and increase their confidence in how to manage it. Adults with Type 1 diabetes can access the service directly by visiting myType1diabetes.nhs.uk and creating a free account.

Healthy Living for people with Type 2 Diabetes: Type 2 diabetes support for adults
Healthy Living is an online self-management support programme and accompanying structured education pathway for adults with Type 2 diabetes.

The platform provides users with the skills and knowledge to manage their Type 2 diabetes effectively, and offers information on treatments, advice on emotional and mental wellbeing, and helps users adopt and maintain healthy behaviours around diet and exercise.

Other NHS resources that can help you to make better lifestyle choices and manage your condition: