What is Joined Up Care Derbyshire?

What are Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs)?

Health and social care organisations across England are working together more closely than ever before to produce joint plans called ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plans’ (STPs). The plans set out a vision for a more joined up approach to health and social care, the steps that should be taken to get there and how everyone involved needs to work together to improve what we deliver.

There are 44 STPs across the country that look at the current challenges and opportunities in health and care nationally. The health and social care organisations that sit behind all 44 STPs have analysed and reviewed services and how they are delivered in detail, including preventive care. They have worked together to find new ways of meeting people’s needs and identifying ways of doing things more effectively and efficiently.

In a nutshell, health and social care organisations have set out how they need to work together to improve health, finance, and quality of care to meet the future needs of patients.

Derbyshire’s STP is called ‘Joined Up Care Derbyshire’. It brings together twelve partner organisations and sets out ambitions and priorities for the future of the county’s health and care.

All the organisations that provide health and care aim to work and plan much better together, focusing on new ways of working to:

  • help keep people healthy;
  • give people the best quality care; and
  • run services well and make the most of available budgets.

Change is needed. People’s lifestyles are very different now to what they were when the NHS was set up in the 1940s or even as recently as ten years ago. Our services need to adapt to keep up with the people they serve.

Growing numbers of people need treatment. An increasing number of older people have more than one ongoing complicated need, such as diabetes, arthritis, or breathing problems. New technology is available, which provides better support but costs more to run.

Who is involved in the STP?