Wellbeing Erewash

Erewash is one of the ‘vanguard’ Multi-specialty Community Providers (MCPs) which was chosen to move towards a community system where people support themselves and take responsibility for their own care and have access to a community support service.

Under the Vanguard programme, Erewash is spearheading new care models, with the aim of demonstrating success that can be adopted by other areas across the country. The vision is for thriving communities within Erewash, where people feel confident and supported to choose a healthier lifestyle, stay well, and know how to get help and support when needed. We believe the Multi-Specialty Community provider would allow us to deliver better care, better health, and better value for the population by enabling:

  • Better outcomes for people of Ilkeston and Long Eaton Areas
  • Building community support, rather than health and social care services
  • Build resilience in our services and in communities
  • Not just bringing the workforce together, but changing how we work together, what we deliver for people and what the people deliver for themselves

Partners in the new model are:

Vanguards explained

A tenacious 10-year-old has turned her sights on the NHS England new care models programme. In her new video, she meets new care models programme director Louise Watson, chair of Tower Hamlets CCG Sir Sam Etherington, and Hertfordshire County Council’s director of health and community services Iain MacBeath and asks them: “What on earth is a vanguard?”

For national information on Vanguards visit the NHS England website.