Children Lead – Andy Smith (Strategic Director, People Services at Derby City Council)
  • Working within existing budgets to improve number of children receiving services, reducing waiting times, reduce inappropriate demand on urgent care.
  • Working within existing budgets to plan the design and delivery of maternity service in Derbyshire that will achieve the identified local Derbyshire wide priorities from ‘Better Births’: Five Year Forward View for NHS maternity services in England.

HANDi’ is a new paediatric app that has been launched for Derbyshire families, parents and carers to provide advice and support if their children have symptoms of common childhood illnesses.

The aim of the ‘HANDi’ App is to empower parents/carers with knowledge to recognise when their child is unwell but can be looked after at home or when they need to see a GP or go to A&E.

Derbyshire clinicians have adapted and updated the app which provides access to home care plans, as well as GP and hospital clinical guidelines, to help them support children and improve confidence in caring for them when they are unwell.

The project has been led by the Joined Up Care Derbyshire Children’s Urgent Care Workstream after they spotted the potential of the existing Taunton and Somerset NHS FT app called HANDi App.

The ‘HANDi’ app has been designed using the latest NICE and RCPCH Guidelines plus clinical knowledge  to give parents confidence in dealing with minor conditions themselves at home or the most appropriate place to seek support.

The app describes care plans and offers guidance for the most common childhood health concerns, including:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Chestiness
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting
  • High Temperature
  • Problems during the newborn period

HANDI App is now available to download as a free app.

Download the HANDi App for Android phones at Google Play .