Maternity 2

  • Delivery of the Derbyshire Maternity Transformation Plan (MTP) in-line with the recommendations made in Better Births (the report of the national maternity review), led through the Derbyshire Local Maternity System (LMS) under the oversight of the Maternity Transformation Programme Board.

In March 2015, Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England announced a major review of maternity services.

Baroness Julia Cumberlege was asked to independently lead the review working with a panel of experts and representative bodies.

The review was to assess current maternity care and consider how services should be developed to meet the changing needs of women and babies.

Derbyshire’s local Maternity Transformation Plan sets out the results that we want for women and their babies in Derbyshire during pregnancy and childbirth. The safety, effectiveness and quality of not only maternity services but other services both statutory and voluntary who contribute to the delivery of care and support services clearly has a fundamental role to play in delivering these results. This plan and other work going on at regional and national level sets out expectations of all partners in the Local Maternity System in transforming maternity services so that a real difference can be made to families in Derbyshire.

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Alex Albus
Maternity Transformation Programme Manager
Derbyshire Local Maternity System (LMS)