• Prioritising people’s health needs, enabling a targeted approach to the development and implementation of place based models of care.
  • Design a health and care model which makes sure that people with ongoing complex needs are helped to be independent and in control of their own care plans.
  • Implement models of care across all places which could include home visiting service for acute patients, care home service and rehabilitation.

What is place?

Health and care organisations in Derbyshire have a vision to wrap care around people and their communities rather than providing support from buildings such as hospitals and GP practices.

We want to empower people to live a healthy life for as long as possible through joining up health, care and community support for people and individual communities. To deliver our vision the plan starts with understanding what people and their communities need to stay well and what already works.

Once this is established we will then focus on making sure we use the resources we have to support people’s wellbeing, which stretches far beyond the ability to access a hospital, see a GP or receive care in a bed.

Derbyshire is a big county with a vibrant busy city which altogether has a population of more than 1 million – a big place to understand. So we have broken the whole county into eight areas and called them Place Alliances.

These are the Place Alliances below.

Practice Numbers & Populations for Map -March 18v3.xlsx

The eight Place Alliances were agreed by the Joined Up Care Derbyshire board (link to board three key messages), following engagement with partners and members, which included GPs, clinicians, voluntary sector and many other people from the 20 places over the last few months.

All Joined Up Care Derbyshire partners  were in agreement that working with people and the communities in each Place Alliance will be vital to achieve our vision with the resources we have.

Each Place Alliance will have a group of key decision makers from all the health and care organisations including commissioners, who buy the services, and providers who deliver the care we need, as well as the voluntary sector, public health, district and borough councils and other key organisations.

A Place Board will set the framework for the Place Alliances, which will be responsible for using the available resources to make sure there are equitable services for people living and working in the city and county.

Some of the key areas of work we already know every Place Alliance group needs to consider following years of work and research include:

  • Frailty – looking at how effective services are for older people and their carers
  • End of Life
  • Hospital admissions from Care Homes
  • People being admitted into hospital in an emergency who could have been treated in other ways.

What will happen to the original places?

The original 20 places will not cease to exist. Over time as the Place Alliances begin to develop so will the 20 places. These may change and alter, as you would expect with anything new, and we will keep you informed through the Place Alliance network of any changes and on this website.

The Place Structure

 What next?

We now need to focus on understanding and mapping the resources in each of the Place Alliances so we can start the conversations to make sure whatever comes next, the work supports the needs of people living in each community.

Get in touch and join the conversation

If you are interested in finding out more about Place and Place Alliances or would like to get involved please contact in the first instance –