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Action-packed Timetable to Support Colleagues’ Wellbeing

Your Wellbeing Timetable provides a wealth of workshops, webinars, courses, clubs, activities, and dedicated colleague-support cafés which are FREE to access for our Health and Social Care colleagues across our organisations.

Consisting of over 250 support sessions each month, Your Wellbeing Timetable is delivered daily (Monday – Friday) by the team’s highly trained Health Improvement Advisors, with monthly events and clubs also taking place over some weekends.

Sessions are delivered virtually and/or face to face across various JUCD locations, helping to support our colleagues across the system. 

Your Wellbeing Timetable is refreshed each quarter to bring you a wide range of up-to-date services, resources and information to best support your health and wellbeing.

NEW Spring Wellbeing Timetable

The JUCD Wellbeing team is excited to launch Your NEW Spring Wellbeing Timetable to help keep colleagues healthy, safe and well in all aspects of life.

Following colleague-feedback, the team has introduced a series of new sessions to the timetable to help you best manage your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your teams, including targeted sessions designed to help you cope with change, trauma and stress. This includes the following virtual sessions:

Self-Care Toolbox: Coping with Change and Stress – learn simple techniques to de-stress and re-charge and learn how to build resilience. Thursday 18th April, 2pm – 3pm

Melt Away Stress – a self-care reflexology session designed to help reduce stress and release tension, perfect for those suffering from headaches and/or eye strain. Thursday 25th April, 12.30pm – 2pm

Dealing with Trauma – a safe supportive space to learn what to expect following a traumatic incident and ways to look after yourself. Monday 13th May, 1pm – 1.45pm

Self-Care Toolbox: Leave Work at Work – learn simple strategies to help you better compartmentalise work from home life, helping you to leave work at work. Friday 17th May, 12pm – 1pm

Looking After Your Team’s Wellbeing – guidance for managers and leaders; explore different ways to best support your teams and the positive effects this can have. Monday 20th May, 10am – 11am

Your Wellbeing Timetable also delivers a series of holistic interventions to help relieve stress – including head, neck and shoulder release sessions and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Dedicated Wellbeing support has been added to support international staff: Wellbeing Introduction for International Staff – a safe friendly space to learn about the wellbeing support and key services available. Monday 3rd June, 2pm – 3pm

PLUS – we’ve extended the menopause support with additional sessions including – tailored education and support for colleagues from South Asian & African Caribbean communities, Weight Management and Menopause, Menopause as a Neurodiverse Experience, and Looking after your Health and Wellbeing during Menopause. An evening Menopause Café has also been scheduled along with a targeted session on Talking to Important People in your Life, where partners are welcome to join.

Due to the popularity of the Weight Management course, we’ve scheduled additional sessions to run this quarter with new topics – including Shiftwork and Nutrition. Mondays from 12pm – 12.30pm

And Reflexology for Musculoskeletal Support sits helpfully alongside the highly popular Shoulder Health and Neck Health to help keep colleagues mobile and injury free.

Sessions are delivered virtually and/or face to face across various JUCD locations and many of the sessions are recorded to support those who are not able to attend at a set time. All support sessions are provided FREE for JUCD colleagues, and they are designed to suit all levels and abilities with options and modifications offered to suit.


Booking a Wellbeing Session

All timetabled activities, workshops, courses and clubs are available to book via our easy-to-use online booking platform that you can access from any device. Select the sessions you would like to try and then enter your chosen email address to receive your booking confirmation and joining instructions.

Last Updated: Friday 5th April 2024 - 8:42:am

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