Joined Up Care Derbyshire

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NHS organisations and local councils have come together to develop plans for the future of health and social care. Derbyshire’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), Joined Up Care Derbyshire, brings together work that has been taking place across the county to coordinate services better so they support people to stay well.

The plan starts with where people live, in their communities, focussing on helping people to stay well. We will look at introducing new services, improving how they work together, supporting people who are most at risk and making sure health and social care professionals are given the best opportunities to make sure people can lead happier, healthier lives.

Services will focus on looking after people in their home or local area, so they get better quicker, instead of concentrating services in specific buildings. By tailoring care to people and communities, patients get better, more targeted support to stay well.

The plan is also about preventing people from getting ill by helping them take good care of themselves. Preventing physical and mental ill health, and dealing with issues before they become bigger problems helps people live happier lives.