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How we will work

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How we will work

Our new Integrated Care Partnership has brought together:

  • Derby City Council
  • Derbyshire County Council
  • NHS colleagues
  • District and Borough Councils
  • Healthwatch
  • the voluntary and community sector

Public and stakeholder engagement

This strategy has been developed by colleagues from:

  • the local NHS
  • local authorities
  • Healthwatch
  • the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector

It has been agreed by each of the Integrated Care Partnership organisations and it will be developed further over the coming years.

The relationships we have built in creating this strategy are valuable preparation for the work we are now doing to achieve our goals.

The strategy has been developed using insight, feedback and information gathered from health organisations, local authorities, Healthwatch and the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Alliance. This told us what matters to local people.

We identified themes of:

  • integration
  • health inequalities
  • quality and improvement
  • strengths based approaches and personalised care
  • health protection

We asked for views to help develop the strategy and we have held listening events since it was published to discuss the key areas of focus.

We have held these discussions with the public and groups such as:

  • voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations
  • patient representative groups

We will continue to listen to public views on the three key areas of focus.

Workforce development

Our vision for the health and care workforce across Derby and Derbyshire is:

Anyone working in health and care in Derby and Derbyshire should feel part of one workforce.

We want to focus on helping our population to have the best start in life, to stay well and age well and die well.

Our workforce will feel valued and supported.

They will be encouraged to be the best they can be, and to achieve the goals that matter to them – wherever they work.

Digital and data

We will improve the way we use information and data to support our ambitions, for example by:

  • expanding the use of the Derbyshire Shared Care Record to include hospices, care homes, community pharmacies and other providers
  • making use of digital and data to improve planning and care

Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector

The Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector is really important for improving our healthcare system and helping to reduce health inequalities.

Locally, we want these groups to be seen as a key part of how we take care of people. The sector already makes a big contribution to health and social care. They often support people who fall under the radar of some services.

The VCSE Alliance in Derby and Derbyshire has done a lot of work building awareness of health inequalities and the wider causes of poor health. They also provide a forum to discuss how we can deal with the problem of health inequalities.

The Alliance has also helped to make sure the voices of these groups are heard in the Integrated Care System.

We know it’s important to work closely with these groups. So, as a first step, we will create a Memorandum of Understanding on working together.

This is an agreement that explains how we will work together. This agreement will be approved and accepted by the partners in the Integrated Care System.

Strengths based approaches

When we take a strengths-based approach, it means we help people find their own solutions and make things better using their own strengths and the things they already have.

This helps them become stronger, more motivated, and able to take care of themselves.

Both Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council have already started using a strengths-based approach.

NHS staff have been trained in using this approach and there have already been improvements made.

We want to make sure these approaches are used more widely in the healthcare system, so that more people can benefit from them.

Knowledge and intelligence

Having information and knowledge about the health needs of our community is really important. It helps us make decisions and choices that will help people.

When we understand more about people’s health through data, we can take action to make them healthier now and in the future. We can provide care that is specifically tailored to their needs.

We are testing our approach in this area through a pilot programme in four parts of Derbyshire.


Commissioning means:

  • working out what people need
  • making plans and deciding what is most important
  • spending money on the right health and care services
  • monitoring how well services are working

This will help us to get the best health outcomes for our communities.

We want to make sure that the services we choose are really focused on helping us reach our main goals.


Health and care professionals work together to keep children and adults safe. We want to make sure services are focused on finding problems early and helping people who might be at risk.

Topics under regular review include:

  • understanding the experiences of patients
  • making sure services quality and equality are considered when developing or changing services
  • improving the experience of people who have learning disabilities

Our buildings

Health and care services are offered in many different buildings and locations in Derby and Derbyshire.

By having the right kind of buildings, in the right areas, we can:

  • help to tackle health inequalities
  • increase wellbeing from being in well-designed spaces
  • reduce the impact on the environment and meet our goals for sustainability

Our priorities are to:

  • make sure we use the best buildings that are modern and suitable for taking care of patients
  • create an estate which is more efficient, works well and is sustainable
  • work closely with other groups to make sure we all work together and support each other
Last Updated: Thursday 15th June 2023 - 1:48:pm

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