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This page brings together all the latest information from our Digital Transformation enabling group.

In order that we may exploit the potential of digital services to empower our population and provide the best digitally enabled health and care, our vision as part of the Derbyshire STP is:

We will use digital services to facilitate system change, across the whole health and social care economy.

We will ensure appropriate and accurate information is available and accessible to our patients and their clinicians, supporting the provision of high quality outcomes, in the delivery of joined up care.

We will adopt a patient-focused approach to the design and implementation of digital services. All stakeholders (such as patients, professionals and carers) will be involved to ensure they are fit for purpose and truly support the delivery of patient care.

The safety and security of services will be assured by ensuring systems, infrastructure and capabilities are compliant with current regulatory, legislative and industry standards. To fully realise our ambitions under this strategy we must work in a collaborative and integrated way, and introduce solutions and technologies that help clinical and operational staff across Derbyshire to do their jobs more efficiently, easier or more cost effectively.

Last Updated: Tuesday 1st August 2023 - 12:13:pm

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