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Working with partners

Improving Communication Flow between System Partners

This procedure is for colleagues working within the Joined Up Care Derbyshire system, and standardises the sending of Task/Electronic communication to allow good communication between system partners that is critical in providing safe and effective patient care in a timely manner. 

Failure to follow these task principles will mean messages are missed and will present clinical risk, such as patient safety concerns, delayed or missed patient care, staff safety and well-being.

We would also ask you to follow these principles and use the *Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation / Request, Contact details (SBARC) structure to format your communications.

In essences:

  • If its UrgentRING!
  • If its Routine – Task (S1) / Email (EMIS) using *SBARC principles (S1 Practices universally named task box External Task to GP Practice”)

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the procedure or the information provided please do not hesitate to contact:

Lisa Roberts

Last Updated: Thursday 27th October 2022 - 10:28:am

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