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Erewash is naturally split into two communities with Ilkeston to the north and Long Eaton the south. These market towns contain approximately 70% of the borough’s population. With a resident population of 115,400 and 51,459 households, it benefits from an established and mature Place Alliance.

In Erewash people and organisations having been working together to transform the way health and care is planned and delivered locally for many years.  Around 30% of Erewash’s residents are aged over 65 and projections suggest that the area will see an estimated further 58% increase in over 65-year-olds by 2039.  Increasing life expectancy in the 21st century is a sign of successful treatment and care services, as well as behavioural change. However, unless it is accompanied by increasing healthy life expectancy it will result in increasing numbers of older people requiring costly care.

Although Erewash has a lower-than-average deprivation score compared with the national average overall, it contains four of the most deprived areas in Derbyshire falling within the 10% most deprived areas in England.  As a whole in Derbyshire, people in the least deprived areas are expected to live on average seven years longer than those in the most deprived areas.  The health of people in Erewash is notably varied compared with the England average.  Roughly 17.2% (3,395) children live-in low-income families.

Erewash Place-Primary Care Network (PCN) Alliance Group is focussing on improving primary and secondary preventative interventions.  Knowing that the gap between total and healthy life expectancy increases with deprivation, the biggest health gains will be achieved by targeting resources at the worst off.  

This is why Erewash PCN, which comprises of 13 separate GP organisations, is working together with Place Alliance partners – who include the acute trusts, community, mental health, adult social care, children’s services, public health, pharmacy, voluntary sector services and the local council – to address health inequalities and to improve the quality of life for all residents.

Everyone on Board

The third session in the ‘Everyone on Board’ series, in July 2022, focused on the ‘Community Wellness’ approach in Erewash and showcased the excellent work going on at the community level in the Erewash area, which is supported by health, social care, local authority and community & voluntary sector colleagues.

We Want to Hear from You about Your Physical and Mental Health and Wellbeing

We’re working together to help to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of adults living in Erewash. Health services, social care, the Borough Council and voluntary and community sector partners want to hear from you about what could help to improve your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

To do this we would like you to fill in this survey – it’s all about letting us know the things that are most important to you. It shouldn’t take very long to complete, and of course everything you tell us is anonymous and confidential. You can either complete the survey online or on paper. And as a thank you for taking part in the survey, we will be giving everyone who takes part the chance to win a £10 voucher. If you want to be in the draw for a prize, then make sure you leave your email address at the end of the survey.

Please complete and return the survey by 5pm on Friday 6th January 2023.

Once all the surveys have returned, we will be working together with Erewash people and partners to set our local priorities that we will work on together. Please let us know at the end of the survey if you would like to be involved in the work. All survey findings will be published on the Erewash Voluntary Action CVS News website.

Thank you for taking part, and for helping us to understand what adults in Erewash need to live their best lives.

GDPR statement

Erewash Voluntary Action CVS is working with health services, social care, Erewash Borough Council and voluntary and community sector partners to gather information about the physical and mental health and wellbeing of adults living in Erewash. Erewash Voluntary Action complies with GDPR. By completing this survey and providing your details you are giving us permission to hold your data physically and digitally. We will only ever use this data for the purposes set out above. Should you wish to remove your data from our records, please contact Kyle Robinson-Payne.

Last Updated: Monday 28th November 2022 - 9:29:am

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