Our health and social care services locally, as they are nationally, are facing financial pressures. While we celebrate the improved health of our population and that people are living longer thanks to advances in care and treatment, the high quality care provided is costing more year on year.

Many hospitals and other organisations across the country are struggling to balance their books. The situation is no different in Derby and Derbyshire.

Joined Up Care Derbyshire (JUCD), which brings together the local health and care organisations, is helping to meet this financial challenge. Our long term vision - to bring care closer to home, transform services and help more people stay well and prevent ill health in the first place - relies upon us taking action now to address future financial challenges.

Health and care organisations across Derby and Derbyshire are currently reviewing how best we can:

  • Care for people at home and in the community so that hospital is only for people who need to be there
  • Join-up services around the needs of people and communities
  • Help GP practices improve access and integrate their services in local communities
  • Reduce medicines waste
  • Promote opportunities for people to self-care where appropriate and have the support of health services when needed
  • Invest in mental health services to support people’s wellbeing.

We will need to review all that we do in order to ensure we are making best use of our budgets. In some cases it will require a radical re-think of why we do what we do. Using services wisely, pooling our resources, and looking to be innovative wherever possible, are the ways we’ll successfully meet the challenge that lies ahead.

It is essential we continue the conversations with staff, local people, patients, carers and families, and with partner organisations about how we can make this best work for our patients.