Refresh of our health and care plan

Plans drawn up by Derbyshire’s health and care organisations were revisited during summer 2019, to take account of new national NHS priorities and local health needs. The Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships, known as ‘STPs’, were originally devised in 2016 with the aim of aligning plans for NHS and local authority adult and children’s care services to ensure better experience of care, better health and better value for money. Identifying a number of priorities to meet the changing needs of local people, and challenges facing public services, the plans are to be reviewed to make sure they are still looking at the right areas of care, and to take account of the priorities listed in NHS Long Term Plan, which was published by NHS England in January 2019.

The refreshed STP plan, which has been shaped in part by the views of local people, was submitted as a draft document to NHS England. This happened on 27 September 2019. The plan demonstrates Derbyshire’s commitment to the ambitions set out in the national NHS Long Term Plan and outlines how we intend to implement these locally. Its focus is on:

  • Ensuring the citizens of Derbyshire ‘have the best start in life, stay well, age well and die well’

  • Addressing inequalities and population health management

  • Working together to make improvement in the wider determinants of health such as housing, education and air pollution management leading to improved outcomes for people in Derbyshire

  • Addressing inequalities and population health management

  • Working with people not just patients - a focus on wellbeing not just ill health.

We prepared this full background briefing on the 2019 re-fresh at the start of the summer to provide the full context to this work. The STP is now known as an ICS (integrated care system).

The draft plan 

The final plan was due for submission on 15 November 2019 and is available here on this website in its full draft form for people to read. At the time of publication, there remained further work to do on the care modelling and financial elements.

Plan engagement

Towards the end of January 2020 we are due to publish the final version of our revised STP Plan for 2019-24. We have undertaken a comprehensive engagement approach in developing our five-year plan and will continue to build upon this going forward. The themes which resulted from this engagement have shaped and informed the plan, or have influenced on-going planning work for the STP and these are identified here in appendix seven.

Our plan for 2019-20

Joined Up Care Derbyshire has produced an operating plan for 2019-20, which sets out the priorities for the next 12 months. It also serves as the foundation for the re-fresh of the over-arching five-year STP plan.

Related plans for health and care

Joined Up Care Derbyshire published its sustainability and transformation plan in 2016.

The latest digital transformation plans for Derbsyhire are on our digital page.

Reference copies of the above documents have been placed in libraries across Derbyshire. To find out location addresses and opening times please visit Reference copies of all documents are also available at Joined Up Care Derbyshire, c/o NHS Derby and Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group, Cardinal Square, 10 Nottingham Road, Derby DE1 3QT.

Our clinical strategy

Joined Up Care Derbyshire Clinical Professional Reference Group, which brings together clinical leaders from across Derbyshire, has agreed a set of care principles and standards designed to support delivery of our vision to keep people:

  • Safe and healthy – free from crisis and preventing ill health wherever possible 
  • At home – out of social and healthcare beds 
  • Independent – managing with minimal support, avoiding institutional care where appropriate.

Click here to read the strategy in full.

Our engagement strategy

Joined Up Care Derbyshire has produced a strategy on how it will engage with patients, members of the public and local organisations. 

Click here to read the summary of the strategy.

Childhood Obesity Strategy

The Joined Up Care Derbyshire Board have approved the below strategy aimed at supporting and enabling children living in Derby and Derbyshire to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, by supporting children and families to live a healthy life and make healthy choices through a whole systems approach.

Derby and Derbyshire Childhood Obesity Strategy - One Page Plan 
Derby and Derbyshire Childhood Obesity Strategy 2020-2030

Around Derbyshire

Areas around Derbyshire also have their own plans.