Joined Up Care Derbyshire is currently planning on a number of levels.  This section provides information about each element of our planning. 

We are focussing on three things at present, in line with national priorities for health and care services.

1.     Recovery of services following the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Joined Up Care Derbyshire has recently submitted plans to NHS England on how we intend to restore and recover services that have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.  This includes waiting lists for surgery, catch up on outpatient clinics and assessments and a whole range of other issues. 

The plan is written in the context of services still being affected by Covid-19-related issues, not least general practice, which is at the forefront of delivering the Covid-19 vaccination programme.  The plan also includes reference to our staff planning, as restoration is clearly based on the availability of staff, and we must be mindful of the efforts to which staff have already gone through the pandemic and ensure they are able to recover too as our most important resource.

We are working on a summary version of the plan and will post this on our website shortly.

2.     Our existing health and care priorities

The existing plans to improve local health and care were revisited during summer 2019, to take account of new national NHS priorities and local health needs.  Identifying a number of priorities to meet the changing needs of local people, and challenges facing public services, we wanted to make sure the plans were still looking at the right areas of care, and to take account of the priorities listed in NHS Long Term Plan, which was published by NHS England in January 2019.

The refreshed plan, which was been shaped in part by the views of local people during an engagement period during the summer of 2019, was submitted as a draft document to NHS England in 2019. The plan demonstrates Derbyshire’s commitment to the ambitions set out in the national NHS Long Term Plan and outlines how we intend to implement these locally. Its focus is on:

  • Ensuring the citizens of Derbyshire ‘have the best start in life,Aisha Qadoos - Derby.jpg
    stay well, age well and die well’
  • Addressing inequalities and population health management
  • Working together to make improvement in the wider determinants of health such as housing, education and air pollution management leading to improved outcomes for people in Derbyshire
  • Addressing inequalities and population health management
  • Working with people not just patients - a focus on wellbeing not just ill health.

The 2019 general election, and the subsequent onset of the Covid-19 pandemic meant that we have not yet formally published the final plan approved by NHS England, but for transparency you can continue to read our draft plan here.

The 2019 STP draft plan

3.     Planning Our Journey To Becoming a Statutory Integrated Care System

Joined Up Care Derbyshire was approved as an Integrated Care System from 1 January 2021.  At present, JUCD is an informal partnership of local health and care service providers and commissioners, but this will become more formal from 1 July 2022 as ICSs are likely to be granted legal status as a statutory body, with legal responsibilities around health and care improvement.  We have developed a new section on our website to provide more details about what is a very complex process, all subject to Parliamentary approval. Please visit the JUCD 2022+ page for more information.

We also want to take this opportunity to share two "ICS Guides" which explain the vision and the process of becoming an Integrated Care System.

Guide One "The Vision"

Guide Two "The Process"


Related plans for health and care

Our digital strategy

The latest digital transformation plans for Derbyshire are on our digital page.

Our clinical strategy

Joined Up Care Derbyshire Clinical Professional Reference Group, which brings together clinical leaders from across Derbyshire, has agreed a set of care principles and standards designed to support delivery of our vision to keep people:

  • Safe and healthy – free from crisis and preventing ill health wherever possible 
  • At home – out of social and healthcare beds 
  • Independent – managing with minimal support, avoiding institutional care where appropriate.

Click here to read the strategy in full.

Our communications and engagement strategy

Joined Up Care Derbyshire has produced a strategy on how it will engage with patients, members of the public and local organisations. 

Click here to read the strategy in full.

Childhood Obesity Strategy

The Joined Up Care Derbyshire Board have approved the below strategy aimed at supporting and enabling children living in Derby and Derbyshire to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, by supporting children and families to live a healthy life and make healthy choices through a whole systems approach.

Derby and Derbyshire Childhood Obesity Strategy - One Page Plan 
Derby and Derbyshire Childhood Obesity Strategy 2020-2030

Around Derbyshire

Areas around Derbyshire also have their own plans.