This page is intended to host information and guidance to users of the DSCR.

The DSCR is a confidential and secure record of citizen’s health and social care records within Derbyshire. Access to the DSCR will be facilitated through local patient administration or casework management systems. Please ensure that you have access to your local system before requesting access to the DSCR.

Access to the DSCR is governed by Role Based Access Codes (RBAC) so that professionals can only access information that is appropriate to their job.

Instructional and informational videos can be found here [videos are hosted on YouTube]. Within the materials section at the bottom of this page, you will also find our quick reference guides. Training is dependent upon the level of access that you have been given within the RBAC model.

How do I access the DSCR?

When looking at your patient/ citizen within your organisation’s main system, there will be a link to access further information within the DSCR. This will open a window into the available information from across other providers in Derbyshire that are contributing to the DSCR. Organisations and their enabled systems are listed below:

Organisation Host System (SSO)
University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust Lorenzo / Meditech / SystmOne (TPP)
Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Medway / SystmOne (TPP)
Derby City Council Liquid Logic
Derbyshire County Council Mosaic
Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust SystmOne (TPP)
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust SystmOne (TPP)
DHU Health Care Adastra
GPs in Derbyshire EMIS / SystmOne (TPP)
One Medical Group Adastra


If you do not have access to the system associated with your employer, please contact your local IT to gain access. They will contact the DSCR team to enable you to log in to both. Local IT teams can contact the Privacy Officer for instructions on how to request access for users by emailing:

We are aware that some staff will have access to multiple systems across Derbyshire. If you routinely access systems at more than one organisation and your DSCR access isn’t working, please contact the service desk email or telephone number to raise a query.



What can I view within the DSCR?

Within the DSCR, you will be able to see the following information for patients/ citizens (please note that access is based on role, and not all information will be available to every user):

  • Full Demographics
  • Appointments / Referrals
  • Investigation results including Laboratory and Radiology reports
  • Medications
  • Allergies / Alerts
  • Care Plans

On launch, documents uploaded from University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS FT will be available within the DSCR. Documents from the Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS FT will be available within the coming weeks.