NHS and social care teams do a superb job caring for record numbers of people.

Our health and care services are constantly adapting to new technology and changes to demands from citizens.  Doing this in partnership, with the people of Derby and Derbyshire, is at the heart of our Integrated Care System.

Since 1948, the NHS has constantly adapted itself and it must continue to do so as the world and our health needs also change. We are now able to treat people with new drugs and treatments that were not available in the past. As life expectancy increases, so do the ailments of old age and there are now more people with long-term conditions.

There are also big opportunities to improve care by making practicalIsabella King - Ilkeston.jpg
changes to how the NHS works. Improvements that matter, like making it easier to see a GP, speeding up cancer diagnosis and offering help faster to people with mental ill health.

This is why the NHS, local councils and the voluntary and community sector are working together more closely than ever before in 44 areas covering all of England, to develop proposals to improve health and care. They have formed new partnerships – known as integrated care systems – to plan jointly for the next few years.

Our local integrated care system is known as Joined Up Care Derbyshire. It brings together 12 partner organisations and sets out ambitions and priorities for the future of the county’s health and care. All the organisations that provide health and care aim to work and plan much better together, and the central aim of an ICS is to join up care across different organisations and settings to provide people with more convenient and personalised care for their health and wellbeing.

Working across the NHS, local councils and other sectors, including the voluntary and community sector, the fire and rescue service, and the police, the ICS will tackle the main causes of lower life expectancy within our communities and improve the things that contribute to healthy life expectancy during the course of people’s lives. 

You can find out more about our ICS in our introductory guides: 

The ICS Explained – Section 1: The Vision
The ICS Explained – Section 2: The Process

The ICS Expalined - Section 3: The History 

We have also developed a presentation which may be useful, and you can see a video of this being presented at the eleventh Derbyshire Dialogue session held on 24th June 2021:

Integrated Care Systems - Derbyshire Dialogue 24.6.21

You can also find out more about our plans and the new proposals from the Government on creating ICSs as legal organisations.