Including Glossop in the Derbyshire Integrated Care System

Stakeholder Briefing 1 – 14 October 2021


Integrated Care Systems are partnerships of health and social care providers.  Each part of England has an Integrated Care System (ICS), and the ICS for Derbyshire is called Joined Up Care Derbyshire. 

In July 2021, the Secretary of State for Health and Care confirmed his decision that the boundary of the Derbyshire ICS would be amended to incorporate the area of Glossop, with effect from 1 April 2022.  By default, this meant that Glossop would no longer be part of the Greater Manchester ICS from that date. 

The decision was underpinned by the principle that aligned boundaries deliver clear benefits in integration between local authorities and NHS organisations.  With Glossop already being geographically part of Derbyshire, social care and other services were being managed across two ICS footprints by Derbyshire County Council and High Peak Borough Council. 

Prior to the decision, views were collected from local stakeholders to feed into the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care’s decision making.  In making the decision, the Secretary of State outlined that there was no local consensus in this area and while the historic partnership and strong relationships developed in Tameside and Glossop were noted, the decision was taken based on a consideration that the benefits of coterminous boundaries outweighed the challenges.  The benefits of the decision are that alignment enables more opportunities for joined-up working with the local authority and the creation of joined-up plans for prevention and population health to improve provision for local people as well as greater alignment between community, mental health and ambulance service provision which provide a county-wide service.

What has happened since July?

Colleagues from Derbyshire and Tameside and Glossop have established a transition group which will oversee the transfer of Tameside & Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group's existing arrangements for the Glossop population to the Derbyshire ICS through four workstreams:

o   Communications and Engagement

o   Finance, IT and Contracting

o   Neighbourhood Development

o   Statutory Duties, Risks and People Impact Assessment

Representatives from Glossop and Derbyshire will be involved in each workstream and workstreams started to meet during late September and early October to plan and deliver a smooth transfer.

What does this mean for staff and service users?

It is important to stress that this decision will not impact any individual patient’s right to choose or use services outside of their ICS, nor does the amended boundary mean that any local services will change because of the transfer. As with any health and care system, services may naturally evolve over time to ensure continued improvement of integrated care for local people. Local people and service staff will be involved in those discussions as usual.

Staff working for Tameside and Glossop CCG continue to be covered by NHS England's employment commitment for colleagues impacted by the legislative changes. It is envisaged that all existing CCG staff will have their employment transferred to the new Integrated Care Board for Greater Manchester on 1 April 2022.

Staff working in NHS provider organisations that serve patients from Glossop will also see no change because of the transfer. Patients will continue to access services in the same way, will have the same choices of care available to them and existing patient pathways, for example into the Manchester health system, will continue. There will be some difference for colleagues working in general practice as they become part of the Derbyshire Primary Network and Place Alliance arrangements. As above, services may naturally evolve over time to ensure continued improvement of integrated care for local people, and staff will be involved in those discussions as usual.

What next?

Regular updates will be provided on progress to ensure local staff, service users and other stakeholders are kept up to date on important developments and milestones. 

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