How to get involved

Joined Up Care Derbyshire brings together health and care organisations to work closer together on improving the health and wellbeing of local people.

We are keen to encourage lots of conversations with the public, patients, carers, families, and organisations, across the city and county.

To find out how to get involved:

  • Call us on 0115 931 6244
  • Write to us at: Joined Up Care Derbyshire, Toll Bar House, Top floor, 1 Derby Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 5FH
  • Email:
  • Website: Keep checking this website for latest news and events.

Join our Citizens' Panel

Joined Up Care Derbyshire has developed a Citizens’ Panel to ensure that we can listen to and learn from our local residents.

By sharing your feedback and opinions on health and care services, you can help us to design services that take into account ‘what matters to people’, on a range of topics related to health and care services.

Panel members will be invited to take part in online and postal surveys and attend focus groups throughout the year.

Recruiting now - public representatives

Joined Up Care Derbyshire are looking for public representatives who are able to speak on behalf of their local community and who are motivated to improve health and wellbeing services.

Our Place Alliances in North East Derbyshire and Bolsover, and Derbyshire Dales, are recruiting for public representatives who may have a specific experience or knowledge of the health, social care or voluntary sector gained through use of services, their own work history, or interests. The public representatives will be expected to provide a broad perspective on local health and wellbeing services and hold statutory and voluntary sector organisations to account in how they listen to the public voice.

Full details - public representatives recruitment

Support social prescribing

We are looking for a Public Ambassador for Social Prescribing. Social prescribing is a way of linking people with activities and support in the community to help support their physical, emotional and social needs. The Derbyshire Social Prescribing Advisory Group is supporting the development and delivery of a cross-sector plan for social prescribing in Derbyshire. The group would like to recruit someone who can represent those receiving services. 

Full details - social prescribing ambassador

Engagement events - summer 2019

Plans drawn up by Derbyshire’s health and care organisations have been revisited in  2019, to take account of new national NHS priorities and local health needs. There have been a number of events held where local people could find out more about ways to have their say on future health and care plans.

Summer engagement events 2019

In addition to the engagement events that took place across Derbyshire in summer 2019, local people were also invited to attend a discussion workshop of the Joined Up Care Derbyshire Board. This took place on 13 September 2019 at the Whitworth Centre, Ballroom, Station Road, Darley Dale, Matlock DE4 2EQ.

Delegate list for September 13 STP refresh event.

Meeting notes from September 13 STP refresh event.

Engagment Committee

An Engagement Committee is in place reporting to both the NHS Derby and Derbyshire CCG Governing Body and Joined Up Care Derbyshire Board. The Committee, which has representatives from across the health and social care system, including members of the public and representatives from Healthwatch, has been set up to ensure that the voice of the local population is heard and influences any developments. 

Its objectives relating to the work of Joined Up Care Derbyshire are to:

  • Ensure any service changes and plans are developed and delivered through effective engagement with those affected by change and that patients, carers and the public are at the centre of shaping the future of health and care in Derbyshire
  • Provide a lay forum within which discussions can take place to assess levels of assurance and risk in relation to public and patient involvement and consultation
  • Retain a focus on the need for engagement in strategic priorities and programmes, to ensure the local health system is developing robust processes in the discharging of duties relating to involvement and consultation
  • Promote innovation and improvement in public and patient engagement
  • Provide update reports on assurance and risk to the Joined Up Care Derbyshire Board on the delivery of duties and activities relating to patient and public engagement and involvement
  • Champion patient and public involvement in all processes relating to clinical commissioning group and Joined Up Care Derbyshire decisions
  • Oversee the development and delivery of a robust infrastructure of engagement mechanisms including, but not limited to, place-level engagement, reference groups to provide insight on emerging issues, a Citizens’ Panel from which can be drawn individuals across a matrix of geography/conditions/protected characteristics, project-specific lay representation and other mechanisms as required.

Engagement committee - membership and governance