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Here you will find information about changes to the provision of services within the Integrated Care Board which involves a shift in the way frontline health services are delivered, e.g., a change to the range of services available or a change to the location from which services are delivered.

These might be plans to reconfigure or transform services to improve health and well-being, changes to specific services, new models of care, new service specifications, or local improvement schemes.

Current engagement projects

Urgent Treatment Centres

In Derby and Derbyshire, a strategy group has been formed to review the current Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) provision and to further develop a system-wide consistent service that will meet the health needs of the different populations.

To ensure we are providing the best possible service in early 2022, we heard from 592 people across Derby and Derbyshire to help understand:

  1. Who uses our UTCs?
  2. How are our UTCs used?
  3. What matters most to people when they need urgent care?

All the findings from this engagement are available on our Online Engagement Platform.

Due to pandemic-related pressures over the winter months, some of the strategic work on the review of our UTCs was placed on hold, now that the programme has resumed it is envisaged that the review will be undertaken in a phased approach across Derbyshire, and the first phase would be to focus on urgent and same day care in the Derby area itself. We very much look forward to linking closely with service users and all stakeholders to progress this work over the next few weeks.

Eating Disorders

In Derby and Derbyshire, we are in the process of re-procuring our early intervention and prevention offer for children, young people and adults with an eating disorder. We are really keen to hear people’s thoughts and views to help build upon what we already have and ensure that the thoughts and views of our local population help to shape the future provision.

We have various routes to gather views and thoughts:

For any questions or queries, please contact Hannah using the above contact details.

Sinfin Health and Community Centre

In South Derby, the population is growing and there is an increasing need for health and care services. We are currently collecting the views from the local community to open a dialogue about proposals for an exciting new Health and Community Centre in Sinfin.

You can share your opinions and suggestions through our short survey and this will help us to review and improve the quality of health and care services you receive.


In the summer of 2021, the government decided that Glossop healthcare services should form part of the Derbyshire Integrated Care System to improve the way health and care services are delivered through closer joint working. This change came into effect on 1 July 2022.

We do not propose to make any changes right now as our immediate priority is to ensure the smooth transition of healthcare services to Derbyshire. Our intentions are that services will continue to be delivered in the same way as they are at the moment and we expect this to be the case for the next 12 months. Patient choice will always be at the forefront of the way services are provided and when the potential to change and improve services is identified, we will involve local people in any discussions from the start.

Last Updated: Tuesday 12th July 2022 - 10:49:am

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