Help to get family members out of hospital and to stay home

It’s not always a person’s health that stops them from leaving hospital; making sure a person’s home meets their needs and is safe for them is as important. Most people have friends and family that can help with these things, but not everyone does. And sometimes friends and family might not be able to sort all the things that are needed themselves. The good news is there is help available to everyone living in Derbyshire. Here we find out more about the “Home From Hospital” service and the support it can offer.

Derbyshire Home from Hospital Support Service

Helping you to get home, helping you to stay home…

“Home From Hospital” not only exists to help people leave hospital, it is also there to help ensure people can remain in their own home or the place they call home.

On the Home From Hospital website, Jackie tells her story. She fell and hurt her leg and knee. Once she was patched up at hospital, she was ready to go home, but as she lived on her own she realised that she wouldn’t be able to do things like get out and do the shopping, pay bills and other things like that. Home From Hospital was able to help her with these things.

“It’s been an absolute lifeline, an absolute godsend. I mean literally I could not have managed without them. They’re outstanding.” – Jackie

Home From Hospital is provided by a combination of staff and volunteers and can help with the following for a period of six weeks:


  • Making home environment safe and comfortable
    • Fit grab rails, key safes and other minor adjustments
  • Shopping
  • Prescriptions
  • Transport
  • Staying social
  • Support people to pay bills and make appointments
  • Finding further support to help maintain independence

Home From Hospital is available to anyone who lives in Derbyshire (outside Derby City) or is registered with a GP in Derbyshire and has limited support from family or friends.

At the end of the six-week period of support, the programme will aim to ensure that the person is able to manage independently, has access to appropriate further support or has been assessed by adult social care for an ongoing care package.

Support in hospital

It’s much better for a person’s physical and mental wellbeing to leave hospital as soon as they are healthy enough to leave hospital. Every extra day in hospital adds risks of functional decline particularly for older people.  Both Chesterfield Royal Hospital and Royal Derby Hospital have a Home From Hospital Coordinator based on site so if you have a friend or relative in either hospital and think you might need support, please ask to speak to them.

Spread the word

If you think you might need support from Home From Hospital or perhaps know someone else who might be interested to find out more, please visit, call 01283 817 417 or email

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Home From Hospital is funded by Derbyshire County Council and managed by South Derbyshire CVS in partnership with Amber Valley CVS, The Volunteer Centre Chesterfield & District, Erewash Voluntary Action CVS, Connex Community Support and Bassetlaw CVS.