Mental health awareness week 13-19 May

This week sees the start to mental health awareness week with the theme “Movement: Moving more for our mental health.” It is crucial to recognise the importance of movement in maintaining good mental health, even though many of us find it challenging to incorporate enough physical activity into our daily lives.

There are numerous apps available to help you stay active, such as the NHS Active 10 app and the Couch to 5k app.

Derbyshire Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Derbyshire Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Let’s Chat map shows outdoor activity sessions and groups across Derbyshire. You can search for activities close to you on the map here.

Feeling low? Getting active can be a great way of meeting new friends. A double boost for your mental health!  Ready to get connected? Meeting new people can help improve your mental health for more information visit 

Transform your wellbeing by moving more! Moving more isn’t just good for the body, it’s great for your mental health too. Check out free local groups via the Let’s Chat Derbyshire map and help improve your mental wellbeing and health today.

Events which will be happening across the week

Chesterfield Mental Health Network Have put together a timetable of events happening across the week, ranges from group led walks to seated exercise classes.

Derby City Life links are also hosting the below events:

  • A workshop on Anxiety Management for Universal Services for Carers as part of their Anxiety Reset series. It’s an evening workshop for carers at Nottingham Road Fire Station, Chaddesden on 16th May from 5pm-7.30pm.
  • An in-house workshop on BPD awareness at DCLL office on 17th May from 11am-1pm. It’s aimed at anyone with a diagnosis of BPD as well as their family and friends who will find the workshop informative and educational.

Derby and Derbyshire Emotional Health and Wellbeing

The Ollie Foundation

The Ollie Foundation are running a programme of 5 fully funded lunchtime lectures taking place during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Event details:

Dates: Every weekday from Monday 13th to Friday 17th May 2024
Time: Sessions will run from 12:30-1:30pm each day, apart from Wednesday’s session which will run 1.00-2.00pm
Location: All sessions will take place online via Zoom. A Zoom link will be sent out on the day. 
Cost: These sessions are FREE to all, but donations to support our work are very welcome. 

To learn more about the content for each talk and to reserve your spot, click the link below:

Perinatal support

Bump in the Road is a universal campaign that aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the emotional ups and downs that come with being pregnant, and having a baby
  • Normalise the range of emotions parents and carers might feel in the perinatal period
  • Provide practical advice and information on self-care
  • Help parents and carers understand when they should seek out further support
  • Signposting to the website, ChatHealth and phone numbers.

What resources are available?

  • A podcast series that features discussions with parents, health visitors and health psychologists. The series includes candid stories, exercises for reducing anxiety, and insights from healthcare professionals. The series will be on the website with links to Spotifyand YouTube.

More information is on the Derbyshire Family Health Service parents and carers mental health page.