New premises proposed for Mickleover Surgery

Mickleover Surgery is proposing to move from its current location to a new premises.

The surgery has shared the letter below with its patients.


Dear Patients

We are writing to let you know that we are proposing to move from our current site to a new purpose-built building that will be part of the Newhouse Farm housing development down the road from Mickleover Hotel.

As you may all know that our current premises may no longer be fit for purpose, and we do not have enough rooms to appoint more GPs to provide more appointments and services for our patients. In addition, we do not own the current premises and would prefer to have long-term control of our own premises.

A new building would provide many advantages for our GPs, our healthcare and support staff and for our patients and the wider community:

  • The building would be designed for modern healthcare, with a proposed 10-12 consulting rooms, compared to the 6 we have now.
  • This would allow us to offer more appointments with our GPs and with the wider team, like our practice nurses and therapist etc.
  • it would provide additional space – allowing us to increase the number of patients on our list from around 6,000 up to 10,000 or more.
  • it would be built alongside the proposed new community centre – forming an integral part of the neighbourhood. This area is also served by local buses.

It is likely to take several years before we open the doors of a new surgery and there are many steps we need to take:

  • Put together the funding and business case to build the new surgery.
  • Apply for and receive planning permission.
  • Work with the housing developers (Avant and Bloor) and with their teams who are planning other community facilities.
  • Work with our patients, the local councils, the wider community, and our NHS colleagues to develop our plans in detail.
  • consider the impact on our existing patients to ensure we continue to provide quality services for everyone.

We know there is a high demand for GP services in Mickleover, because of the growing population and because of the health needs of local people.

We believe the Newhouse Farm site offers the best option to maintain and improve GP services provided by Mickleover Surgery and in the wider community.

We welcome your views and questions. Please speak to a member of staff and they will be pleased to help, or send us an email

Kind regards

Dr Huseen and partners