Patient Safety Partners | World Patient Safety Day

Every year on September 17th, World Patient Safety Day is observed to raise awareness about patient safety and promote global efforts to ensure healthcare services are safe for all.

Patient safety takes a collective effort from healthcare professionals, patients, and carers to ensure the highest standards of safety are upheld.

In Derby and Derbyshire, we have introduced ‘Patient Safety Partners’ who support and contribute to patient safety within the NHS in Derby and Derbyshire.

Patient Safety Partners play a crucial role in enhancing patient safety within healthcare organisations. Their involvement can encompass various aspects, including:

Membership of Safety and Quality Committees: Patient Safety Partners actively participate in safety and quality committees where they review and analyse safety data. This ensures that a diverse range of perspectives is considered when assessing patient safety measures.

Involvement in Patient Safety Improvement Projects: They contribute to patient safety improvement projects, bringing valuable insights and lived experiences to the table. Their involvement helps identify areas for improvement.

Participation in Staff Patient Safety Training: Training is provided for all patient safety partners.

Participation in Investigation Oversight Groups: They participate in investigation oversight groups, which are responsible for reviewing adverse events and incidents.

We are still actively recruiting for Patient Safety Partners to join us in ensuring healthcare services are safe for all. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please read more about the role and apply by downloading the form below.

World Patient Safety Day serves as a reminder that patient safety is a shared responsibility. We recognise and appreciate the valuable contributions of Patient Safety Partners, whose dedication helps ensure that healthcare remains safe, transparent, and continuously improving for all.