Patients with existing respiratory conditions urged to take care following heatwave

The NHS in Derby and Derbyshire is urging patients with existing respiratory conditions such as COPD and asthma to take care, follow their treatment plans and ensure they have the medication they need following the heatwave conditions we have seen recently.

The impact and after-effects of the heatwave may yet to be seen, but the NHS in Derbyshire is anticipating exacerbations of respiratory illnesses and is encouraging neighbours and friends and family to check on anyone who has an existing respiratory condition, to ensure they are okay and not suffering from additional wheeziness or shortness of breath. If anyone has these symptoms, please ensure they are following their care plan with medication, inhalers and oxygen support, and contact NHS 111 either online or by telephone to seek clinical advice.

It is essential that they receive treatment early and seek to prevent an admission to hospital.

Anyone experiencing new breathing problems should follow NHS UK advice.