Storm Babet | Health Service Advice

The NHS in Derby and Derbyshire is urging people to take care when out and about as heavy rainfall from Storm Babet is causing flooding across the county.

An Amber weather warning is in place for Derby and Derbyshire from Friday 20 to Saturday 21 October, we are working closely with local authority and NHS partners to monitor the situation.

Most roads in Derbyshire are affected by flooding and many are closed. A major incident has been declared. Advice from all partners involved is:

  • Do not travel unless essential from now until further information is available later in the weekend, and continue to watch weather and flooding updates.
  • Look out for vulnerable neighbours, especially if they have care services who may not be able to reach them.
  • Never drive or walk into floodwater, even if it appears shallow – it could endanger your life.

NHS Service Update

The majority of services have continued to operate during the course of Friday, although we are aware of some locations that have had to be closed on Friday afternoon due to flooding issues at sites or on local roads. These include:

  • Whitworth Urgent Treatment Centre, Darley Dale, which will be closed from 3pm on Friday. Please check for details of when the service will reopen.
  • Ilkeston Urgent Treatment Centre, which will be closed from 6pm on Friday. Please check for details of when the service will reopen.
  • Phlebotomy (blood tests) at Babington Hospital, Belper are closed on the afternoon of Friday 20th.
  • Wheatbridge Surgery, Chesterfield, which closed on Friday afternoon due to local flooding. Please refer to the practice website and social media for further information.
  • Lime Grove Medical Centre, Matlock, which closed from 4pm on Friday. Please refer to the practice website and social media for further information.

If you need to travel to an appointment then please do take care, follow all advice about making only essential journeys and consider checking ahead to ensure that the service is still running.

Plan ahead wherever possible: Check weather forecasts and road conditions before heading out. We would advise you postpone all non-essential travel, if at all possible.

Drive safely: If you must drive, be aware of potential flooding on roads, especially in the dark. Reduce your speed, make sure you keep a safe distance between other cars and put your headlights on to increase your visibility. If you are able, ensure you have the following items in your car before travelling in case you get stuck or your vehicle breaks down:

  • a torch
  • warm waterproof clothing
  • first aid kit
  • jump leads
  • water, warm drink and emergency food
  • a means to charge your mobile phone

Pedestrians: Please take extra care if walking in the heavy rain. You will not be as visible to road traffic so anything you can do to increase your visibility is advised. Try to ensure that your mobile phone is fully charged and wear waterproof clothes and appropriate footwear if you are able.

Public transport: If you will be using public transport, check whether there are any changes to the service you will be using before heading out. Be prepared for delays and potential disruptions. As above, try to ensure that your mobile phone is fully charged.

Stay informed: Keep an eye on news and weather updates and follow any official guidance or alerts.

Please stay safe in these challenging weather conditions.

For the most up-to-date information, please visit:

Derby City Council

Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust

The MET office