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Joined Up Care Derbyshire Board – 19th November 2020

Key Messages

At this the 2nd Board meeting in public since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, there was a strong focus on supporting staff in the system to weather the strain of the pandemic, and the role of the board as an anchor institution in the wider determinants of health. The term anchor institution refers to large, typically non-profit organisations like hospitals, local councils, and universities whose long-term sustainability is tied to the wellbeing of the populations they serve.  

Improving Wellbeing through the Power of Physical Activity – Fit4Life

The board commenced with an inspiring presentation delivered by Andrea Kemp from Shift-Together, a Community Interest Company, focusing on initiatives which improve health and wellbeing, and Lynn Tory who participated in the Fit4Life programme.

Fit4Life started in 2019 at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, following the results of a staff survey, which highlighted that staff wanted to be more active and well. Shift-Together worked with staff at the hospital to look for sustainable ways of increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour, which along with 1:1 health coaching, includes identifying and encouraging local leaders who would support the continuation of the programme, working with whole departments, so colleagues could support one another, and looking for activities in and around the area. Over 60 participants took part with many reporting that they felt more positive and focused on work as a result. Lynn shared her remarkable success story, which showed the potential of the programme to have far reaching impacts on communities, not just individuals.

Learning from Covid-19

During July and August, a process of engagement took place with STPs/ICSs and the NHSE/I

Midland’s regional leadership to capture learning from the management of the COVID-19 incident. The outcomes of this work led to the publication of a report entitled NHSE/I Midlands Region Learning from COVID-19 and was intended to enable the adoption of proven good practice, inform the restoration and recovery process and assist the work of the Regional System Transformation and Recovery (STaR) Board.

57 recommendations were made within this report, some of which require a local response.  The report is being socialised widely locally to get a wide perspective on the actions needed locally, and the results of this process will be brought back to a future board meeting for consideration.

System Operating Model

Dr Chris Clayton, Executive Lead for Joined Up Care Derbyshire opened up a discussion on a proposed system operating model, the next steps in the JUCD system architecture, and emphasised its importance in ensuring that the system can make the difference it wants to make. The model is designed to ensure the system is coherent and cohesive in what it does together, so it is done once, and done well. This included a discussion around how the board delivered on the concepts of ‘strategic intent’ and ‘strategic partnership’, acknowledging that the board was the most strategic group in the health and social care system. The model will be finalised in December and implemented early in the New Year.

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