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getUBetter app

What is getUBetter? 

The getUBetter App is a safe and effective way to help you self-manage your injury or condition at home, work, and on the move.  

The app covers a range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions… 

  • Back                             
  • Back & Leg     
  • Neck               
  • Shoulder     
  • Elbow          
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • Soft Tissue Injury (Lower Limb)
  • Upper Limb Tendinopathy
  • Lower Limb Tendinopathy

…and is designed to help you trust your recovery, live and work well.  

The App is designed to support people with new, recurrent and long-term musculoskeletal conditions. The platform provides lots of useful information to help people whilst they are waiting to be seen, recovering following surgery or managing an ongoing condition.

It will also allow doctors, nurses, and other clinicians to send people for the right treatment and service. This is much better for people because they are empowered to recover with the right information and support. It’s also great for healthcare providers because they can direct people towards the best services to treat people with musculoskeletal conditions.

The FREE getUBetter app designed and written by your local clinicians in Derbyshire. It offers local tips, advice, and exercises tailored to you and your stage of recovery.  

  • Instant access
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and effective

Your healthcare professionals cannot be with you 24/7, but getUBetter can.  

Who is getUBetter for?  

Anyone 18 or over who needs help with a joint or muscle problem. 

What will I get?  

  • Instant and 24/7 access to a personalised programme
  • Easy-to-follow self-progression exercises
  • Daily tips and local guidance from day one
  • Advice on where to seek help when needed
  • Access to local treatments and services

What are the next steps?  

  1. Follow the links above to access your local health service, then select your GP practice, as well as the condition you’d like support with. Enter your email.
  2. Download the getUBetter app and sign up using the same email address.
  3. Follow the instructions in the app to access your local support pathway.
  4. Log in and follow your programme regularly to improve your MSK health.

If you need further help getting started, watch our videos (How to get started, How it works) or get in touch with one of our team:  

gUB for Joy app 1
Last Updated: Monday 27th November 2023 - 10:38:am

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