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Supporting Colleagues Across Our Organisations

We provide a diverse range of wellbeing programmes and initiatives to support colleagues’ health and wellbeing.


Peer Psychological Support

We deliver a range of Peer Psychological Support services across JUCD, providing free and confidential mental health and wellbeing support to colleagues.

Working alongside psychological health consultancy ‘March on Stress’, trained practitioners from our JUCD Wellbeing team offer psychological support, assessments and training for our health and social care colleagues across Derbyshire, Derby City and North Staffordshire.

This includes:

  • Sustaining Resilience at Work (StRaW) – Individual mental health support

If you’re feeling anxious, worried or stressed you can book a 1-1 confidential and non-judgemental conversation with one of our trained practitioners to help support your mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) – Trauma support

If you’ve experienced a traumatic or a potentially traumatic event you can contact our trained peer support practitioners who facilitate 1-1 and group support sessions, providing a safe and confidential space to help you process, recover, and improve your mental wellbeing

  • Reflective Practice services – Guided group reflections

A safe and confidential space for teams who have been undertaking highly challenging work or who have encountered difficult situations, enabling them to reflect on the psychological and emotional impact of their experiences

  • REACTmh – Training for staff

Being able to speak with a supportive and trusted peer or line manager in times of difficulty can make a big difference to our mental health. Your Wellbeing Team delivers short, practical and skills-based courses (either 1-1 or training for teams) to enable staff to have effective and supportive conversations about mental health with their colleagues


Delivered by the Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team, this pathway of support sits alongside existing clinical support services such as counselling and existing peer support services such as Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) to ensure colleagues can access appropriate interventions, signposting, and assistance when they need it.

The comprehensive psychological support available aims to:

  • Offer our colleagues and leaders the relevant support required in times of difficulty
  • Build resilience by safeguarding colleagues’ psychological wellbeing
  • Help prevent, detect and treat any occupational, operational or home related stress, including post-traumatic stress (PTSD)
  • Promote early intervention and appropriate peer support
  • Help to champion and break the stigma surrounding poor mental health – It’s Okay, not to be Okay.

For further details about the Peer Psychological Support available for colleagues, download the Mental Health Peer Support document below or contact the team:

Tel: 01332 787703




12 Week Lifestyle and Wellbeing Programme

Our 12-week Lifestyle and Wellbeing programme is a bespoke initiative, delivering flexible and confidential one-to-one support sessions for colleagues to help improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Offering comprehensive lifestyle advice, the one-to-one support sessions cover a range of topics including physical activity, nutrition, weight, sleep, stress, relaxation, and overall wellbeing.

During the twelve-week programme, we support colleagues through an individual physical activity and lifestyle plan, helping to set personalised goals tailored to meet areas you may wish to improve on with the help and expertise of a JUCD Health Improvement Advisor.

You will meet for regular goal reviews where your Health Improvement Advisor can help to signpost you to appropriate lifestyle services or apps and you will receive one-to-one personal training sessions, either face to face or online. You will also be invited to attend our wealth of wellbeing workshops and physical activity sessions.

As part of the programme, we will carry out pre and post assessments, reviewing your body composition, your lifestyle, and assessing your physical activity levels.

Our aim is to support you in whatever way we can to motivate and empower you to achieve your goals for long term health improvement and overall wellbeing.

If you have a BMI >25 or any health conditions, we can help you.

For more information about our 12 week Lifestyle and Wellbeing programme, please email


Health and Wellbeing Fitness Assessments

Our NEW comprehensive Health and Wellbeing Fitness Assessments aim to give colleagues a clear picture of their overall health, fitness and wellbeing – helping to identify any key future health risks and offering bespoke lifestyle advice, promoting a healthier lifestyle through positive behavioural change.

Delivered by the team’s highly qualified and experienced Health Improvement Advisors, the Health and Wellbeing Fitness Assessments incorporate a range of non-invasive technologies to measure body composition and exercise responses, and explore lifestyle management and health status through the use of:

  • Body composition analysis – measuring body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat, along with segment body statistics
  • Hydration levels
  • Blood pressure and heart rate zones
  • Cardiovascular performance
  • Muscular endurance
  • Functional mobility tests
  • Nutrition, stress, and mental wellbeing assessments

As part of the assessments, the team’s trained Health Improvement Advisors offer individualised support, delivering a full explanation of your results and offering help and guidance towards improving your lifestyle – helping you develop a plan of action to reach your health and fitness goals.

There are 3 types of Health and Fitness assessments available:

InBody Analysis (Body MOTs)

30 minute Assessment – using the latest Inbody device (Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) to help you discover more about your body composition.

Health and Wellbeing Assessment

60 minute Assessment – using the latest Inbody device to measure your body composition, along with a Cardiac assessment, and a health questionnaire exploring stress, nutrition and mental wellbeing.

Health, Wellbeing and Fitness Assessment

90 minute Assessment – using the latest Inbody device to measure your body composition along with a full fitness assessment, a physical activity questionnaire, a Chester Step test and muscular endurance press -up test, and a complete mobility assessment.

To book a Health and Fitness Assessment with one of our Health Improvement Advisors, or to find out which assessment may be best suited to you, please

Contact Us

To access any of JUCD Wellbeing colleague support services or for more information, please contact the team.


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