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Can you imagine feeling ill, but being told your new symptoms and behaviour were a natural part of ageing? Can you imagine having a disease but struggling to access treatment or support to help you manage it? Can you imagine how confused and upset you would feel if nobody told you what was affecting your health and what treatment could be available?

For many people with dementia this can be a reality. But an early diagnosis can help people with dementia to find the best possible treatment and support. It means they, and their carers, can plan for the future more easily.

Dementia can’t be cured, but if it is detected early there are ways you can slow it down and maintain mental function. With the right support, many people are able to lead active and fulfilled lives.

At the moment, only around half of the 670,000 people estimated to be living with dementia in England receive a formal diagnosis. This means they don’t have the chance to understand what’s happening to them, to access the right services or to plan for the future while they have capacity to do so.

There are a number of reasons why a person may not get the diagnosis and information they need, including a lack of awareness and understanding of symptoms or inappropriate services available in their area.

More information about symptoms and the importance of early diagnosis is available at

If you’re worried about someone you care about encourage them to talk to their GP.

The Herbert Protocol

The Herbert Protocol is a simple tool to be used in the event of an adult with care and support needs going missing.

It consists of a form that contains vital information about a person at risk that can be passed to the police if the person is reported missing.

A recent photograph of the person should also be kept with the form. For more information, please read the Herbert Protocol Leaflet (below) or visit the Derbyshire Police website.

Dementia-friendly Matinée screenings 

Matinée provides film screenings for people living in the community who have memory challenges and their friends, family members or carers. 

They aim to create a sociable and friendly atmosphere and hope that all their patrons will enjoy the film and activities that they provide. Matinée screenings are run across Derbyshire by Arts Derbyshire.

You can find more information about the screenings on the Matinée website.


Dementia Leaflet
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