Covid-19 vaccine update

NHS COVID-19 vaccinations have saved countless lives, kept tens of thousands of people out of hospital, and helped us to live with the virus without fear or restrictions.

The latest offer of spring vaccinations for those at highest risk of severe illness from COVID-19 (including people aged 75 and above or with a weakened immune system, and residents of care homes for older adults) ended on 30 June with more than 4.3m people getting protected. The offer of two COVID-19 vaccinations for everyone aged 5 or above (by 31 August 2022) ended on the same day. After 30 June, the NHS offer is becoming more targeted to those at increased risk from COVID-19, in line with expert advice from JCVI, and most people who are eligible will have to wait until autumn to get the vaccine.

If you develop a new health condition or start treatment that severely weakens your immune system, an exception may be made if your clinician advises you to get vaccinated sooner. Please speak to a specialist or GP for more information if you think this may apply to you or a relative and you will be given contact details of how to book a vaccine.

In June, the NHS started offering COVID-19 vaccinations for children aged 6 months to 4 years who are at increased risk from COVID-19 due to certain medical conditions, in line with expert advice from JCVI. This offer also remains open beyond 30 June to eligible children, who have been invited via their GP practice or specialist team. If you think this applies to your child please contact your GP or specialist for details on how to book a vaccine.

The NHS awaits final JCVI advice and Government guidance on who will be eligible for autumn/ winter vaccinations in 2023. Interim JCVI advice suggests these could be offered to people who are at increased risk from COVID, for example due to their age or a health condition. The NHS will let you know during autumn if your NHS record suggests you may be eligible for a vaccination ahead of winter. It is important that those eligible come forward as protection against COVID-19 (either from catching the virus or from a previous vaccination) fades over time, and the virus could make them very ill. All COVID-19 vaccines offered by the NHS have been tested on thousands of people across the world and have met the strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness outlined by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

For any questions about the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Derbyshire please email