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Our local NHS plan 2023-2028

Our five-year plan for NHS Derby and Derbyshire sets out how we will:

  • improve population and healthcare outcomes
  • reduce inequalities
  • enhance productivity
  • support broader social and economic development

The plan sets our five “guiding policies” that all NHS organisations will follow.

  • More resources for prevention of ill health
  • Empower local teams
  • More control over your care
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Use data and intelligence better

The plan is the NHS’s contribution to the Derby and Derbyshire Integrated Care Strategy. To find out more:

  • Read our news story: NHS five year plan will prioritise prevention of ill health
  • Read a simple summary of the plan’s policies and what they mean by following the tab below this text
  • Read a simple summary of how we are implementing the plan in 2023/24 by following the tab below this text
  • Read the full plan and supporting documents by using the downloads below

Read our five “guiding policies” that all NHS organisations will follow through our 2023-28 plan.

Beyond 2024 

To prepare for 2024 and beyond we are:

  • developing a new prioritisation policy
  • developing a financial allocation policy, based on the eight local authority areas of Derby and Derbyshire
  • analysing what our future workforce needs are
  • working to ensure that all teams receive the data they need to plan future patient care

Additionally, we will:

  • develop our relationship with the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, involving them more in our planning and delivery
  • bring on stream a number of new and refurbished spaces that are currently under construction, for people who have severe mental illness
  • improve the way we use research
  • expand the use of the Derbyshire Shared Care Record to include hospices, care homes, community pharmacies and other commissioned health and social care providers
  • implement digital patient record systems in our acute hospitals and among social care providers
  • develop our approach to recruiting people to our workforce, so they can be work across they system in the place where their skills fit best
  • adopting a single Derby and Derbyshire approach to skills development, leadership, sharing of resources and facilitating movement between employers
  • support training and development of a range of medical and non-medical roles
  • prioritise development and training that will enable more personalised care, better use of data and which will support greater equality, diversity and inclusion

Our Derby and Derbyshire NHS has a local plan to reduce carbon emissions. This is focusing initially on:

  • using asthma inhalers that are not harmful in the way they produce carbon dioxide
  • changing the use of anaesthetics that are harmful to the environment
  • providing and encouraging travel options that reduce use of carbon-producing vehicles
  • using data on carbon emissions to support better decision-making

How we will monitor this plan 

We will use our joint NHS Derby and Derbyshire boards to monitor and manage progress on this plan.

Our boards include:

  • Integrated Care Board
  • Provider Collaborative Board – which brings together trusts and other providers
  • Integrated Place Executive – which brings together our local integrated teams
Last Updated: Thursday 28th September 2023 - 10:14:am

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