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Data and intelligence

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We will prioritise the improvement of the Derby and Derbyshire NHS system’s intelligence function and build the capacity and capability of its research programme.

Improvements in technology and the better use of data and intelligence offer us the opportunity to:

  • identify people who are at risk of developing a long-term condition, for example diabetes, and to offer them support before they become ill
  • support research and innovation, working with academics and people in the public, voluntary or private sectors
  • improve efficiency, for example by identifying “bottlenecks” in the way care is provided

key actions 

To achieve these goals we will:

  • develop the skills of our workforce
  • improve the quality of the data we provide
  • share data across teams and across wider NHS networks
  • change the way teams work, so they focus on high impact projects that will make a real difference to the way care is provided

Our priorities for 2023/24 

All NHS organisations in Derby and Derbyshire are working together to create a new “health intelligence platform”.

This will allow analysts across the system to access new datasets, to collaborate and to carry out the advanced analytical work that will support local teams.

What this means for me 

We will be clear what we will do to help people who are at risk of dying earlier in life, or suffering more years of ill health, when compared to other people.

This is often because of where people live, their educational background, their earnings, their health lifestyle or their understanding of the NHS system. 

We will be better at identifying if you are at risk of dying earlier, or becoming ill earlier in your life.

We will ensure that our investment in support and services is balanced towards those citizens who need them the most. 

This will be a long term approach that will see improvements in future years.


Last Updated: Tuesday 5th September 2023 - 12:17:pm

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