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Empower local teams

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It is local teams of health and care professionals who are best placed to decide how to support the people who they work with to stay as healthy as possible and to prevent ill health.

Local teams are made up of:

  • NHS professionals like GPs, nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists
  • Social care professionals like care workers and social workers
  • Professionals from voluntary and community organisations, for example charities who help older people, those who support people with a health condition such as cancer or mental illness, or hospices

In Derby we use the Team Up way of working to bring professionals together.

Key actions 

We will:

  • train our colleagues and teams to work in this way
  • create the right conditions for organisations to make decisions that bring the greatest benefit to improve their health of their local populations
  • put in place performance incentives that support this way of working
  • provide teams with better data and analytics – for example in identifying people who most need support
  • work more effectively with marginalised and disadvantaged communities to listen to them and understand their needs
  • put in place project management support to manage these changes

Our priorities for 2023/24 

We will cement the Team Up approach to local services across Derby and Derbyshire.

To provide urgent response in the community we will provide more:

  • response nursing and therapy services
  • falls recovery services
  • home visiting services
  • short-term adult social care

These services will be coordinated and will work in all areas of Derby and Derbyshire.

We will provide health and wellbeing support to people who have severe mental illness, by bringing together:

  • community mental health services
  • primary care
  • social care
  • voluntary and community sector services

 What this means for me 

You will be able access more support and treatment in your community, including in your own home, through teams of different professionals who work together to coordinate your care.

This will include your GP and their team, other health professionals such as physiotherapists, social care teams and voluntary sector organisations.

This team will help to act quickly when your health starts to deteriorate, with the aim of keeping you in your best health and avoiding the need to go into hospital.

This ‘Team Up’ approach is already working very well in many parts of Derby and Derbyshire and we will expand this best practice.

Last Updated: Tuesday 5th September 2023 - 11:51:am

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