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We are working in partnership with Derbyshire County Council (DCC) and Links CVS, to build relationships with the BME Partnership that currently exists in the County. The BME partnership is a sustained and coordinated engagement mechanism, which provides an infrastructure to enable the BME community to be actively engaged with all manner of decisions being made about DCC services.

Participants in the partnership are supported to give feedback on policy and service development, via a two-way communication channel, which aids better understanding and response to the needs of BME communities. Participants are supported to plan and conduct engagement with their communities and raise issues on their behalf via the partnership.

There are currently 10 groups represented in the partnership and work is taking place to identify and empower new and emerging BME communities to take part. We are working with DCC and Links CVS to broaden the conversations of the partnership to support the work of the Integrated Care System, and gain insight on key areas of transformational work, e.g., Urgent Care.

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Last Updated: Tuesday 14th March 2023 - 6:12:pm

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