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Joined Up Care Derbyshire (JUCD) introduces the Derbyshire Involvement engagement platform, an innovative online space dedicated to hosting a variety of involvement projects. Through interactive methodologies such as quick polls and the sharing of ideas and stories, the platform actively encourages participation. It also serves as a central hub for health, social care, and voluntary sector partners across Derbyshire, offering a convenient one-stop destination for engagement with various programmes and projects.

Submission Guidelines for JUCD Engagement Platform Project Tile Requests

For those eager to contribute content to the JUCD engagement platform, specifically to create a project tile, the Submission Guidelines outline the essential information needed. The Engagement Team requests details through the “Engagement Platform Tile Request Form,” ensuring seamless alignment with the platform’s functionality. The form underscores the significance of basic project details, including title, description, and timeline, incorporating crucial events such as survey launches and engagement reports. A structured approach to organising information using widgets, tabs, and optional features like FAQs and polls is also provided.

Connect with Us: Expression of Interest Form

Fill out this short web form to express an interest in featuring on the platform. A member of the team will reach out to allow us to better understand your project and facilitate meaningful engagement on the JUCD platform. 

Please include the name of the project you would like to feature, a sentence or two on what the project is and the dates your project is likely to start and end.

By submitting a form, you have consented to having this website store my submitted information so we can respond to your enquiry. For more information regarding this, view our Privacy Notice

Last Updated: Friday 1st December 2023 - 2:47:pm

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