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The PPG Network is facilitated by the Integrated Care Board (ICB) Engagement Team and was originally set up in 2020 to bring together PPG Chairs and their members to understand how we could best support them with regard to engaging and communicating with their practice population during the pandemic.

The meetings take place bi-monthly through Microsoft Teams for 1.5 hours and have been a way for PPGs to learn and keep updated on the developments within the system.

The PPG network is undergoing a period of further development currently to ensure that it is also a place for members of the network to share, learn, and help one another and ensure PPGs have the support they need to run their PPG and effectively engage with their practice population.

A typical agenda includes:

This Network is facilitated by Hannah Morton and is open to any PPG member who wishes to attend. We also have practice managers or other operational staff attending where they are the main contact for their PPG.

If you would like more information about the PPG Network, or would like to join please email:

Last Updated: Monday 29th April 2024 - 10:14:am

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