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Our Principles and Strategy

Gathering insight from our diverse population about their experiences of care, views and suggestions for improvement of services, and their wider needs in order to ensure equality of access and quality of life is a key component of an effective and high performing ICS in Derbyshire. These insights and the diverse thinking of people and communities will be essential to enabling JUCD to tackle health inequalities and the other challenges faced by our health and care system.

As a result, JUCD, via the ICB, has developed a strategic approach to engagement, which includes key principles and frameworks that will underpin our ways of working. It sets out how we will listen consistently to, and collectively act on, the experience and aspirations of local people and communities within JUCD.

Our ambition

  • embed our work with people and communities at the heart of planning, priority setting and decision-making to drive system transformation work, ensuring the voices of patients, service users, communities and staff are sought out, listened to, and utilised resulting in better health and care outcomes for our population;
  • recognise that relationship building is important to increase trust and improve involvement and needs to be considered on a planned, systematic, and continuous basis, with the required investment of time;
  • ensure our continuous engagement, that reflects this new relationship with the public, capitalises on those emotional connections and brings people and communities into the discussion rather than talks to them about the decision.

Integrated Care System Engagement Strategy

Our comprehensive approach to realising our ambition is outlined in our ICS Engagement Strategy – ‘People and Communities Strategic Approach to Engagement 2022-23‘. This strategy will be updated on an annual basis.  

It is essential for both reasons of alignment and good practice, but also to ensure that the population’s views and experiences are sought and responded to in a systematic way that reflects their priorities, that there is a system-wide approach to public involvement. Moreover, this approach is led by the desire to develop a culture within our system that promotes decisions underpinned by patient and public insight at all times.

To ensure we develop and implement a systematic approach, our involvement of people and communities is supported by several frameworks. These frameworks are in different stages of development and co-production with system partners, including people and communities, and are outlined below:

Last Updated: Monday 2nd October 2023 - 10:15:am

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