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Piloting a development tool across Joined up Care Derbyshire to improve the way we work with community led insight

Joined Up Care Derbyshire, Derby, and Derbyshire’s Integrated Care System (ICS) is a partnership of organisation’s working to provide better health and care for the population. A partnership that is keen to ensure people and communities are at the heart of its decision making.

Listening, learning, and acting on ‘community led insight’ is something that people working with or in Joined up Care Derbyshire want to learn about and be better at. ¬†This means making decisions about health and care services with an accurate and deep understanding of community experiences, needs, ideas and ambitions. The tool is in its early stages of development, and we want to test its use. It is primarily aimed at those working with or in the Integrated Care System, this includes the valuable voluntary, community, and enterprise sector.

Joined Up Care Derbyshire delegates decision making wherever possible to structures that are as close to people and communities as possible, to be sure that decisions reflect the needs of local populations. Hence it has a number of ‘Place Alliances’, that are coterminous with Local Authority Boundaries. Each Place aims to identify the health, care and wellbeing needs of their local communities and establish the best way of meeting those needs, which in the majority of cases requires a number of different organisation’s working together, to provide more holistic, personalised and effective care to improve health outcomes.

Communities and decision makers could work better together but are often unsure how to. In recognition of this people from the Community Sector and the NHS have led the development of a tool to support a new approach to working with people and communities. This approach has been designed involving a wide range of people from different communities, organisations and sectors within the Joined Up Care Derbyshire Integrated Care System.

Tools for listening, learning and taking action with people and communities:

Full Development Tool:

Background to the Tool:

Last Updated: Wednesday 4th October 2023 - 10:18:am

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