Wellbeing Timetable Launch across East Midlands

Wellbeing Timetable visual

JUCD Wellbeing has partnered with Northamptonshire psychology-led support service, Stronger Together, to form The East Midlands Hub.

The collaborative partnership is working on a suite of solutions to support health and social care colleagues across the East Midlands until March 2024, to complement existing local support services.

As part of this support, The East Midlands Hub is excited to launch ‘Your Wellbeing Timetable’ delivering a wealth of comprehensive health and wellbeing sessions to support employees across the East Midlands.

Consisting of over 250 support sessions each month, the Winter Wellbeing Timetable delivers a series of remote workshops, webinars, courses, activities and dedicated colleague-support cafés; offering advice, support, and useful information to help keep staff healthy, safe and well in all aspects of life.

James Buckley, ICB Head of Wellbeing and Workforce Health Services, said:

Having developed a truly collaborative and integrated service provision to support the health and wellbeing of our collective colleagues across Derbyshire, we’re delighted to extend our service to colleagues across the East Midlands.

Dr Arabella Kurtz, Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Lead for Stronger Together said:

We believe looking after those who look after others is an absolute priority, not an added extra, and we are delighted to collaborate with Joined Up Care Derbyshire in bringing a holistic wellbeing programme to colleagues across the East Midlands.

The Winter Wellbeing Timetable provides a wealth of inclusive wellbeing support to improve the health and wellbeing of the collective workforce. Sessions are delivered virtually across the timetable and many of the sessions are recorded to support those who are not able to attend at a set time and accessible on-demand. All support sessions are provided FREE for colleagues, and they are designed to suit all levels and abilities with options and modifications offered to suit.

The wellbeing timetable contains a wide range of support sessions to promote physical health and mental wellbeing. This includes:  

  • Short activity sessions, making exercise accessible for all – a series of short 10-minute exercise sessions have been timetabled to help boost circulation, increase mobility, improve fitness, and build strength; encouraging colleagues to become more physically active
  • Healthy Eating and Nutrition –  colleagues can manage and maintain a healthy weight by joining a weekly Weight Management Group. The Timetable also features a series of nutrition focussed webinars
  • Long Covid Facilitated Peer Support – this support group is facilitated by a Clinical Psychologist from Stronger Together, and provides an opportunity for colleagues to meet other staff members who are suffering with long covid symptoms
  • Menstrual Health Collective – this monthly support group provides colleagues with a space to learn and gain support with their menstruation cycle.
  • Psychological Support – the timetable contains a range of workshops which provide colleagues with helpful techniques to help prioritise wellbeing and support psychological health
  • Holistic Self-Care – colleagues can access holistic support sessions such as Emotional Freedom Techniques ‘Tapping’ and The Breathing Room which explores various breathing techniques to help calm, de-stress, detox and re-energise body and mind
  • Coping with Loss, Bereavement Support – a monthly group providing coping mechanisms following the loss of a loved one
  • Support for colleagues living with a health condition and/or hidden disabilities – delivered through a range of physical activity classes, workshops, training courses and support group and cafés, the timetable delivers a wealth of targeted support for colleagues with disabilities, hidden disabilities, neurodiversity and/or long-term health conditions, helping to promote disability, equality and inclusivity

For more information about the timetable, please contact your local wellbeing team.