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Personalised care is based on a ‘what matters to you’ conversation, as opposed to what’s the matter with you. It supports people with choice and decision-making; harnessing the expertise of people, professionals, and the health and care system, and provides a positive change in power and decision-making that enables people to feel informed, have a voice, be heard, and be connected to each other and the community in which they live. Personalised care is an enabler for key priorities of prevention, independence, choice, and decision-making across Derbyshire. It is a whole system, an age approach, and aims to enable people to live their best life; supporting the best start; staying well; ageing well and dying well.

Patient preference is at the heart of person and family-centered care. Creating the space, time, and relationship for a “What Matters to You” conversation can be easy and involves three simple steps:

  1. Asking What Matters
  2. Listening to What Matters
  3. Doing What Matters.

The NHS Long Term Plan and Personalised Care

The NHS Long Term Plan states that people will get more control over their own health, and more Personalised Care when they need it (add reference). In response, the NHS has developed a comprehensive model of Personalised Care. Being equipped with the knowledge of Personalised Care and what it offers, can be explored through the six key components, which are:

  1. Shared decision-making – this means what are my options? What are the pros/cons?
  2. Enabling choice – this means where to go for tests? Information to make the right decision for me.
  3. Social Prescribing – this means you can access the social prescribing link worker who will take a holistic approach to your health and well-being connecting you to community groups
  4. Personalised care and support planning – this means recording decisions, and achievable plans on ‘what matters to you as a whole person
  5. Supported Self-Management – this means proactively identifying your existing knowledge, skills, and confidence in managing your own health and care.
  6. Personal Health Budgets (PHB) – this means you will work with your health (and where relevant social) care team to create a bespoke package of care designed to support your health and well-being needs.

To support NHS Derby and Derbyshire ICB to implement these principles links to essential resources from NHS England and Improvement are listed below: 

Last Updated: Tuesday 17th January 2023 - 1:54:pm

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