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There are 2 long COVID hubs dedicated to rehabilitation, you might be referred to one of the following hubs depending on where you live within Derbyshire:

North Hub
Suite 5, Chesterfield Royal Hospital
Chesterfield Road
S44 5BL

Tel: 01246 516 151


South Hub
Post COVID team
Therapy department
Florence Nightingale hospital
London Road

Tel: 01332 258188


The hubs are comprised of a multidisciplinary team to help you return to function following your Post COVID syndrome.  You may will be referred to the rehab teams following your assessment in the Post COVID assessment service.

The rehab teams can help you manage symptoms such as fatigue, breathlessness, cognitive changes, as well as help support your return to work, or other roles in your day to day life.

Professions that sit in the rehab teams

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapists (OT) look at functional activities including routines, work, life roles, personal and domestic activity management and how your current condition impacts on these areas. This may involve physical, cognitive, social and psychological aspects. OT’s can support with fatigue management, work rehabilitation, appropriate adjustments to lifestyle, environment and supporting you and your family to optimise your abilities whilst recovering from the effects of long covid.

The physiotherapists in the hubs can help to explore your physical problems post covid i.e. breathlessness and exercise tolerance; work with you to develop a breathing exercise program; start a reconditioning program with you; and sign post to other physiotherapy teams like musculoskeletal physiotherapy as required. 

In the hubs we have a mix of psychologists and psychology assistants.  The psychology team work with the other professions in the team to support engagement in rehab, support coming to terms with Post COVID syndrome and support managing any cognitive problems.  The psychology team may not necessarily see every patient directly, however they work closely with the team to support your needs.

Therapy Practitioners
Work along side the therapy teams to support your rehabilitation and fatigue management.

Last Updated: Wednesday 15th March 2023 - 2:03:pm

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